How to Advertise Outdoors

How to advertise outdoors

Once you enter the world of outdoor advertising for your business and know how to advertise outdoors you will start to see results like no other advertising format can produce.

One of the most cost effective advertising mediums in the marketplace, Amplify Outdoor now offer competitive rates making it affordable to small to medium size enterprises (SME’s) who tend to have limited advertising budgets.

Amplify Outdoor can guide through the steps on how to advertise outdoors. As a result, Billboards can drive sales and a great return on investment for your business.

How to advertise outdoors

How to advertise outdoors

Initially you should start by focusing on one advertising campaign. We would recommend following these steps:-

Specific: is there a specific result that you want to achieve?

(For example :- new product launch, new store opening, driving footfall to a specific open event or generally increase footfall to your business for that month)

Measurable: Set clear targets and monitor your results carefully to see what your advertising campaign has achieved.

Achievable: Do not set your goals too high!! Write down your return of investment target and make sure that is attainable.

Realistic: What resources do you have in place to roll out the campaign? Budget, personnel, marketing team, creatives etc

Timeframe: Are you looking at advertising a few weeks prior to your big sale or an open day. Booking outdoor advertising long term for brand awareness in the local area for a brand awareness in the local area.

If you follow these steps coupled with guidance from our teams experience and local knowledge you will see results and your business will benefit in the long term from outdoor advertising.

Please get in touch with us today. We would be delighted to discuss how to advertise outdoors within the local area to engage with your target audience.

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