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Why and how to advertise on billboards in the UK

In this guide, we will show you how to advertise on billboards in the UK. Despite many changes within the world of advertising, billboards remain an essential part of any advertising campaign as they are effective and affordable.

A billboard is a large, outdoor advertising structure for delivering simple, memorable and creative advertising that has high impact.

Billboards are usually placed in high traffic areas, whether that be pedestrian footfall or vehicular traffic.

So lets take a look further and explore how to advertise on billboards in the UK.

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How to advertise on billboards in the UK


Target your audience

Before creating your advert, think about where to put your message so that it engages with you key demographic and target audience. For example, If you want to target students, think about advertising outside a college or University.

Avoid boring advertisements

Consumers hate boring adverts and hardly ever engage with them. A good billboard should prick their imagination, and there should be a call to action visible in the space provided. It will encourage people to learn more about the business.

A billboard should be creative and a surprise in order to obtain a lasting memory. Create a humorous and captivating message that illustrates the best characteristics of your business and brand.

Make your billboard content eligible 

The fonts used on your billboard advert should be large enough to be seen from a distance. Make sure that the font size is readable and the letters are spread out neatly. Furthermore, Your should consider the style of font used. You can find out more about billboard advertising fonts.

10 words or less

When creating your billboard ad, make sure that it’s image led. Ten words or less is preferred as a vehicle driving by at pace only has a few seconds to take the advertising message in.


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Choose readable fonts

There are many fonts available, but if you are creating a billboard, make sure that the font style you will be using is readable to most people. The billboard text must be large, thick, and precise in order to be seen by moving onlookers and, more importantly, to actually resonate with them. The text should be large enough to be seen from a distance. Aside from a large size, the colour of it needs to compliment the colour of your background.

Keep the images on the billboard relevant.

Make sure that the images you use within your advert are relevant to your product or service.

Present your message in a simple manner. Don’t go to great lengths to create a fancy billboard ad that is complex and clever. Remember, people who pass a billboard will only have a few seconds to take the message in. They don’t have the time to look at it long enough to figure out a complex message.

Add contact information on the billboard.

A way of contacting your business should always be added to the billboard advert. If your company has a website, phone number or a social media account, add it as well. It would increase the chances of getting new customers.

Build Your Brand

Too many billboards try to solicit a direct response from onlookers by displaying their phone numbers or website address. Very few drivers will have a pen and paper handy to write down such information. Instead, companies should utilise billboard advertising to build a brand. Onlookers will remember a brand or a product name.


Make sure that the colours you use are complementary to each other. Take note of the colours and the contrast because some colour combinations can be unreadable.

How to advertise on billboards in the UK

The cost factors involved when wanting to advertise on billboards in the UK

It’s correct that the size of billboard plays a big part in the cost, however there are a number of other factors associated that will determine how much you pay to run an outdoor advertising campaign.

You might assume that in order to run a successful billboard advertising campaign in the UK you’ll need a big marketing budget. But this isn’t the case and now is the right time for businesses of all sizes to use this very successful format.

Below are the factors to plan in when looking to market your business


Location is a really big factor when it comes to the cost of advertising on a billboard. This is because location is the single biggest influencer when it comes to who sees your advertising message.

The outdoor advertising industry measures who sees your advert by looking at footfall, impressions and audience demographic.

Football measures the amount of people that pass by and impressions are the number of times consumers are likely to notice your advert.


The most common sizes of billboards are 48-sheet (20ft x 10ft).  Normally, the bigger the advert, the bigger the cost. The bigger displays are likely to gain more attention and gain a bigger response. Larger billboards would require bigger posters to be printed which of course costs more.


How visible is the billboard location to passers by? Spots that have the combination of a very busy footfall and no viewing obstructions will tend to cost more.

Period of Display

The longer your advert stays in place, the more people that will see it. The more they see it, the more likely it is to achieve success. However, keeping your billboard up for longer will require you to part with a bigger chunk of your budget.

Billboard ad space is traditionally sold on a  two-week cycle, but we also allow longer bookings which will decrease your weekly rate.


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