how much does outdoor advertising cost

How much does outdoor advertising cost

Ever wondered how much does outdoor advertising cost for your business?. Billboard costs vary in the UK due to the size and location. Normally, standard outdoor advertising costs between £250-£400 for 2 weeks. With Amplify Outdoor this cost could include the poster production and fixing.

How much does outdoor advertising cost?

There are various factors that affect how much outdoor advertising costs. These include the size, where its located, artwork design,poster printing and the rental length.

Below is a quick snap shot of the rates of some of the outdoor advertising providers.

48 sheet billboards based on a 2 week basis with poster printing:-

  • Amplify Outdoor – £350+vat
  • JC Decaux – £673+vat
  • Clear Channel – £519+vat
  • Primesight – £553+vat

Factors affecting Outdoor advertising costs

How much does outdoor advertising cost in the UK? This will vary based on the below:-

  • Location of the outdoor advertising location.
  • Billboard size
  • Length of your advert display period.

Let’s look in greater detail of how each of these factors will affect the outdoor advertising costs.

Outdoor advertising location.

Location is a massive factor when it comes to billboard rental costs. This is due to the fact that location is a big influence when it comes to how many people see your advert.

Outdoor advertising is measured by:-

  • Footfall,
  • Traffic data of roads,
  • Digital impressions
  • The demographic of the audience.

Footfall is a term for the number of pedestrian or vehicular  traffic that passes by an outdoor advertising site.

In a nutshell the more people that pass by your advert, the more people are likely to see it.

For example, Over 4 million vehicles pass by our billboards in Poole every month. That’s why it’s one of the most sort after billboard advertising locations in Dorset.

A busy road may get higher footfall when it comes to vehicular traffic. But a congested traffic light junction with drivers sitting in stationary traffic is likely to get a lot of views with time for them to take in the advertising message.


It goes without saying that the larger the billboard, the more outdoor advertising costs to rent.

A huge 96 sheet billboard (40ft x 10ft) holds bigger price tag because it is likely to gain more views along with a much higher impact. Your advert on a 96 sheet billboard will also have a higher poster production rate and this will be a factor in the overall outdoor advertising costs.

Length of the display Period impacts outdoor advertising costs

Display Period refers to the length of time which your advertising message is displayed. Outdoor advertising costs increase according to the length of time you want to rent a billboard.  The longer the display time, the higher the billboard rental costs.

Billboard advertising space is generally booked on a 2 week basis. But our rate reduces the longer you book the space for. We offer great discounts and packages for booking outdoor advertising on a long term basis.

How long should I book outdoor advertising for?

The length of a billboard campaign really depends on your budget and what you want to achieve. Whilst a 2 week campaign is effective for events and open days, the most successful billboard campaigns tend to be in place for a minimum of 3 months upwards.

Billboard advertising is successful at building brands and trust with consumers. A long term outdoor advertising campaign builds legitimacy for your business. It also offers a constant exposure of your brand over a long period of time that will make your audience familiar with your product and alter their purchasing decisions.

Short term campaigns can also be really effective too. Booking 2 week blocks are a great way to alter purchasing behaviour when people are close to point-of-purchase or you have an event or open day coming up.

Im only a small business, do i need big budget to use billboard advertising?

You probably think that outdoor advertising costs a lot of money and not within reach of your budget, but this is simply not true – We at Amplify Outdoor believe that billboard rental costs should be affordable to companies of all sizes and not just big, national brands.

Our aim is to make high impact billboard advertising affordable to almost everyone within the local area.

Amplify Outdoor are not bound by rate cards like other outdoor providers, therefore we are able to offer packages, discounts for multiple locations and the same for long term bookings.

Local businesses can expect billboard rental costs to be from as little as £100 per week.

So, no you don’t need big budgets to advertise on a billboard.

Additional outdoor advertising costs

Along with billboard rental costs, You must also think about the additional costs required for the advert design, poster production and fixing of your advert.

All of Amplify Outdoor’s billboards come with printing and fixing included, but other outdoor advertising providers will charge extra for this. Before you sign on the dotted line you need to know what what your billboard rental costs cover. Printing a 48 sheet poster in the UK costs around £120.

The cost of designing your advert is a priority also. Do not waste a great billboard site with the wrong design that doesn’t communicate effectively. It’s worth hiring a designer who has experience in creating billboard adverts. This can cost around £30-£50 per hour.

I’ve seen an outdoor advertising location that I want to advertise on, how do I book it?

If you already know which outdoor site you want to rent, Please drop us a line.

If you can’t find the billboard that you’re looking for, please get in touch with us and we’ll help you. Email or call 01202 670687.

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