How much rental income can you earn from a billboard on your house

How much can you earn from a billboard on your property?

Amplify Outdoor are a family run, independent out of home advertising business who are looking for billboard locations within your area. In return we will pay you a very generous rental income.

If you interested in how much you can earn from a billboard then please get in touch with our team today. We will offer you an honest appraisal of the location and maximise its potential.

Lets talk about a billboard on your property

Have you already got a billboard on your property with another company?

Are you tired of chasing missed or inaccurate rental payments?

Do your telephone calls or emails not get returned?

Are you looking to increase the rent of your billboard on your property?

Are the advertising posters always peeling or falling off ?

Furthermore, Is the current billboard structure poorly maintained and makes your property look like an eyesore. Is it a health and safety issue?

At Amplify, our work ethic and generous rental income promise has enabled us to build long-standing relationships with landlords. Furthermore, this philosophy has spilled over into our advertising client base. This means that we currently are in a high demand for billboard locations.

So don’t rely on any of the other billboard companies to rent your advertising space on your property. We have a local, family run development team that would welcome the opportunity to give you a rent appraisal that would gain you a higher rent.

High rents paid

Current landlord testimonials provided

All sites considered

Get the revenue that you deserve

Billboards on properties offers a great passive income

Local business

larger rent paid than anyone else

Get paid on time

All locations considered

Amplify Outdoor is a family run organisation who are looking to install more billboards on properties. If you’d like the benefit of a large passive income get in touch today.


When we start working with property owners we will:

  • Survey the location(s) to determine the best income that it deserves.
  • Discuss how we can maximise what you earn from the billboard space.
  • If applicable, We will look over your existing agreement with your current tenant to advise on terminations and breaches.
  • Agree length of term, rent reviews, rental amount per annum.

Joining Amplify Outdoor you benefit from:

  • Firstly, The highest billboard rent payments.
  • Secondly, Payments made in advance and on time.
  • Piece of mind that you’re working with an independent company who is always available to talk.
  • Finally, You will become part of one of the most transparent and honest outdoor advertising companies in the UK .

To find out more, contact us today!

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