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Using billboards as one of your home care advertising ideas

In this competitive marketplace it can be difficult to fill job vacancies and obtain new clients, Many organisations are stuck when it comes to home care advertising ideas, Amplify Outdoor have a portfolio of billboards in prominent positions that makes care home advertising successful.

Obtaining new clients and caregivers is a necessity for home care providers when they want to operate and grow their business. The effectiveness of how they achieve this will be determined by how successful their care home advertising is.

With limited marketing budgets in mind, we have put together a few cost effective home care advertising ideas.

Home Care Recruitment Advertising

With newspaper readerships declining every year and online advertising saturated with competitors, using billboard advertising to promote your current care home vacancies is the perfect way to engage with new and qualified staff.

Billboard advertising can be used close to your competitors offices and at prominent roadsides to engage with home care staff who would fancy a change of providers. Using billboards as part of your care home advertising strategy can signpost experienced staff from other companies to yours.

Using Billboard Advertising To Gain New Clients For Your Care Home.

Its been proven that outdoor advertising is one of the most successful ways to market care homes. 98% of the UK population see out of home advertising every week, so imagine the impact it can have when you want to acquire new clients.

Best home care advertising ideas

Why Use Billboard Advertising As One Of Your Home Care Advertising Ideas?

With people spending 70% of their waking life outside, billboards allows you to reach relevant people faster and cheaper than any other marketing tactic.

A billboard is one of the best home care advertising ideas as you have a guaranteed audience. Your advert will get multiple views by the same people and will become engrained in their minds.

Billboard advertising is the only format where the advertiser has full control of their advert space. It will deliver a constant exposure. It allows your message to be displayed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Big, national brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Tesco religiously use billboard advertising. Furthermore, Its now affordable for local businesses, so why aren’t you?

How Much Does Advertising Cost On A Billboard?

There are several elements that make up billboard advertising costs. These include:-

  • Firstly, The location.
  • Secondly, Advert Design.
  • Length of the billboard rental period.
  • Finally, Poster printing.

Generally you look to pay around £350+vat per 2 weeks for media space on a 48 sheet billboard. Advert design is close to £50+ depending on how you choose and poster printing is £60+vat.

Amplify Outdoor are a family run company who have the ability to make billboard advertising affordable for local care home providers. We offer discounts for multiple bookings/locations and longer term home care advertising.

Finally, Please get in touch with us today and we can discuss a great care home advertising package.

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