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Colours can Increase The Effectiveness Of A Billboard advertising campaign

Using the right colours can increase the effectiveness of a billboard advertising campaign, This is partly down to the emotional impact of certain colours on the human psyche. Next time you are out and about have a think about the effect certain colours have on your everyday life. Do you ever feel depressed when talking to people dressed in black? Or maybe happy when wearing a colourful shirt?. All of these feelings come from the psychological effect colours have on us.

How to enhance your billboard message

Colours play a very important part with an advertising campaign. They can subtly communicate and enhance the meaning of the message. Depending on the product or service you want to advertise, you can make use of the spectrum of colours to your advantage. When creating your billboard advert, We recommend that you use no more than two or three colours. This is to avoid overcrowding your billboard. You need something that’s aesthetically pleasing, not something that will bombard the passer-by with too many contrasting colours.

Outdoor advertising heavily relies on the impact of colours. They need to be used to complement the product and to seduce the target audience.

Effectiveness Of A Billboard advertising campaign

Common colour associations

We’ve compiled a list with the common associations of each colour, which can be subtly used to send a message about your product. But none of these are clear-cut of course. Because meanings are so diverse and different from one culture to another, making absolute statements would be ignorant.

  • Red: symbolises: courage, warmth, strength, energy, but also: aggression and strain
  • Blue: symbolises: trust, communication, efficiency, duty, but also: coldness and aloofness
  • Yellow: symbolises: optimism, confidence, self-esteem, emotional strength, but also: fear and jealousy
  • Green: symbolises: harmony, life, refreshment, rest, but also: boredom and primitivism
  • Pink: symbolises: nurture, warmth, femininity, love, but also: promiscuity and weakness
  • Violet: symbolises: spiritual awareness, vision, luxury, truth, but also: suppression and introversion
  • Grey: symbolises neutrality, but also: lack of confidence, dampness and lack of energy
  • Black: symbolises: sophistication, glamour, security, but also: oppression, coldness and evil
  • White: symbolises: purity, efficiency, clarity but also: coldness, sterility
  • Brown: symbolises: seriousness, warmth, nature, but also: lack of sophistication and heaviness

Another appropriate way of looking at colours is by putting them into three categories: warm, cool, and black and white.

increasing the effectiveness of your billboard adverts by using colours

Colour Categories for your billboard advertising campaign

Cool colours:

  • usually chosen by corporations because restrained colours are mostly associated with professionalism, knowledge and understanding
  • darker shades also display a sense of reliability and integrity, making them a good choice for logos

Warm colours:

  • invite people to linger and relax, a reason why many restaurants are coloured in warm shades of brown, orange and yellow
  • usually chosen by food and beverage brands, because they also stimulate excitement and increase appetite

Black and white:

  • breathe professionalism and are the best choice when it comes to looking sharp
  • can be enlivened with a splash of colour, intensifying the contrast and drawing attention to a specific point

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