Digital outdoor advertising

Digital outdoor advertising V’s Traditional billboards

With the rise of digital outdoor advertising in recent years it’s important to compare the pro’s and con’s against traditional outdoor advertising. We have put together some key benefits when businesses are deciding as to which format to use.

What is Digital outdoor advertising?

Also known as digital signage or DOOH, digital outdoor advertising uses electronic technology to change what message is displayed on a screen.

Digital billboards feature adverts from multiple businesses which alternates every 60 seconds. Digital signs come in all shapes and sizes and are situated at the roadside, near point of sale and around the perimeter of sports fields.

What are traditional billboards?

Most people are familiar with traditional billboard advertising. They are placed next to roads which have a high traffic count and in highly populated areas. Blue back posters or vinyl banners are fixed to the structures and only display one exclusive advertiser.

How is the outdoor advertising industry doing?

Overall Outdoor advertising spend is rising. Outsmart, the trade body for the Out of Home industry has recently reported for the latest quarter, the total market grew by 1.5%.

Why traditional billboards are better for local businesses

Digital advertising can be costly and out of reach to some companies. As far as traditional billboards go, the cost is much more affordable along with more benefits.

  • Traditional billboards offer exclusivity. – When using digital outdoor advertising, you share the ad space with at least 5 other advertisers. This will only give your business 10 seconds coverage in each minute. Whereas traditional outdoor advertising can be secured exclusively, so you are the one and only advertiser using the space.
  • Traditional outdoor advertising costs are within reach. – With digital you would pay around £1400-£2000 per 2 week slot with 1/6th of the coverage. Traditional outdoor advertising is more affordable as you would pay £350 per 2 weeks which also gives you exclusivity.
  • Malfunction. – Various factors come in to play when displaying a message with digital outdoor advertising. Due to this, digital screens often breakdown and fail. Paper and paste billboards however do not suffer from this.
  • Advert transition. – Digital runs the risk of consumers missing your advert as they cannot read it fast enough before it changes. Traditional billboards are quite the opposite. Your company is the only one that is displayed and doesn’t get replaced by another advertiser after a few seconds.

Finally, Whether you are looking to use Digital outdoor advertising on the traditional method, Please get in touch with us today and we can guide you through the process of both.

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