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Digital billboards and traditional billboard advertising

Understanding the cost difference between digital billboards and traditional billboard advertising can seem like a minefield. Therefore, a good starting point would be to distinguish the different features between the two types.

More recently, There has been a considerable increase in digital billboard advertising, They have now been deemed to be the new way to promote your business.

Furthermore, 92% of small businesses believe that billboard advertising is expensive and out of reach. However, Here at Amplify, we provide various options of digital billboards and traditional advertising that is flexible on budgets.

Both types of advertising achieve similar results, They are affordable and have provided local businesses with a great ROI. Here are some things to consider when planning on which format to use:

Digital billboards are not great for the environment

Firstly, Traditional paper billboards are considered to be sustainable. This is due to the fact that the paper sheets can be recycled. Digital billboards are operated using an electrical display unit which also creates light pollution.

Advertising exclusivity

Secondly, Digital billboards involve shared advertising space with other businesses. This ultimately means that your placement would only be displayed 10 seconds per minute. In comparison, traditional billboard advertising offers exclusivity that only promotes you.

In this instance, with non digital billboards you have the opportunity to be seen more by potential customers.

digital billboard advertising

There is less competition for traditional 

In this modern age there has been an increase in demand for digital billboards. This has led to greater competition to secure advertising slots by national brands.

This means that traditional billboards are more available, cost-effective and easier to secure in some prominent locations.

The effectiveness of digital billboards and traditional

Regardless of the format, Who does Outdoor advertising engage with?

Recent statistics tell us that:

●        Commuters (69% of commuters travel to work by car). They mostly use the same routes day after day and are often stuck in traffic during rush hour periods.

●        Age groups between 18-49 and millennial (Outdoor advertising is one of the most effective channels at targeting younger generations and consumers).

●        Shoppers (93% of shoppers have claimed to regularly buy goods after seeing them through virtual displays and channels).


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