Different types of billboard advertising

Different Types Of Billboard Advertising

Due to the many ways to advertise in this modern age and the fact there are so many different types of billboard advertising, businesses often get confused as to what medium would be best suited for them. Furthermore, businesses usually have a limited budget to work with which is why it is imperative that they get bang for their buck. Having a billboard strategy in place will ensure that budgets will be utilised in the most cost effective way. Here, we will look at all the different types of billboard advertising, including static and digital billboards, their sizes, and the cost considerations associated with each option. So, let’s explore the possibilities that billboards offer in reaching your target audience effectively.

What is Billboard Advertising?

Billboard advertising is a traditional yet highly effective form of outdoor advertising. It has a large canvas to convey messages and promote products or services. These eye-catching displays are strategically placed in areas with a  high traffic count, city centres, and popular gathering hotspots.

Billboards act as powerful visual cues, capturing the attention of passersby and building brand awareness. They offer a unique opportunity to communicate messages to a wider audience, making them an integral part of any comprehensive marketing campaign.

Different Types of Billboard Advertising – Static

Static billboards, also known as traditional billboards, are the most common format within the outdoor advertising world. They consist of printed advertisements displayed on large, stationary structures. Let’s explore some popular types of static billboards:

1. 4 Sheet Billboards: These compact billboards measure approximately 60 inches by 40 inches and are often found in urban areas and train stations. They are ideal for targeting specific local audiences and are cost-effective for small businesses.

2. 16 Sheet Billboards: Measuring 120 inches x 60 inches, 16 sheet billboards offer a larger canvas on small budgets. They are commonly seen on gable walls overlooking major roads.

3. 48 Sheet Billboards: With dimensions of approximately 20 feet by 10 feet, 48 sheet billboards are a popular choice for national advertising campaigns. Their size allows for impactful visuals and clear messaging, making them highly effective in capturing attention.

What type of billboard is a 48 sheet

4. 96 Sheet Billboards: These colossal size billboards, measuring 40 feet by 10 feet, dominate the skyline and are typically placed in prime locations. They offer unparalleled visibility and are perfect for creating a strong brand presence.

Different Types and Sizes of Digital Billboards

Digital billboards have revolutionised the outdoor advertising industry by incorporating dynamic, high-resolution displays. These electronic screens allow for real-time updates, captivating animations, and interactive elements. Let’s explore some popular types and sizes of digital billboards:

Digital 6 Sheets

These compact digital screens, measuring approximately 60in x 40in, are perfect for targeting specific audiences in highly populated areas. They are generally found in shopping malls, in the high street and bus shelters. They also offer the flexibility of displaying multiple ads on rotation.

Digital 48 Sheet billboards

With dimensions of 20 feet by 10 feet, digital 48 sheets provide a larger canvas for advertisers to showcase their content. These dynamic displays offer the advantage of real-time updates and captivating visuals, ensuring maximum impact.

Advertising on a digital billboard

Digital billboards come in various sizes, ranging from small screens to massive installations. One iconic example is the large digital screen at Piccadilly Circus in London, which measures approximately 790 square metres. This enormous display attracts millions of views daily, making it one of the best digital advertising locations in the world.

The Cost Comparison of Different Types of Billboards

When considering billboard advertising, it is essential to evaluate the costs associated. Factors such as location, size, duration, and demand influence the pricing structure. Here’s a breakdown of the cost comparison for different types of billboard advertising.

Traditional Billboard Costs

Prices for traditional billboards vary depending on their size and location. A 4 sheet billboard is in the region of £200 per month, while a 16 sheet billboard may cost between £300 – £500 per month. For larger formats, such as 48 sheet and 96 sheet billboards, prices can range from £350 to £900 per 2 weeks.

The Cost To Advertise On A Type Of Digital Billboard

Digital billboards generally have higher costs due to their dynamic capabilities and increased visibility. A digital 6 sheet screen can range from £500 to £2,500 per 2 weeks depending on location, whilst a digital 48 sheet billboard may cost between £600 and £4,000 per 2 weeks. Prices for larger digital installations can vary significantly based on factors such as location, size and demand.


Billboard advertising continues to be a powerful tool within a marketer’s arsenal, offering unparalleled reach and impact. Whether you opt for static billboards or embrace the dynamic possibilities of digital displays, understanding the different types, sizes, and associated costs is crucial for a successful campaign.

By carefully considering your target audience, budget, and campaign objectives, you can select the most suitable billboard option to effectively promote your products or services. Remember, billboards have the potential to captivate audiences, create brand awareness, and drive consumer action. So, embrace the power of billboards and make a lasting impression on your target market.





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