Creating an effective billboard advert

Creating an effective billboard advert

Heres our steps to creating an effective billboard advert for you business. You have booked one/several of our prime billboard advertising locations and we want you to make the most of it and get every success from the space.

1.Do not use more than 9 words!!!

There are plenty of advertising formats that allow time to explain yourself in greater detail (eg) 90 second tv advert, but with outdoor advertising keeping it short with no clutter is vital, you only have a small window of opportunity get someones attention and make them remember it.

2. Colour and contrast

Good contrast between the background and text makes your advert stand out. Lack of contrast makes the poster difficult to read.

3. Clear branding and message

To achieve instant recognition stick to clear, large branding and your brand colours. Keep the creative concise to best demonstrate your logo, the product, and the call to action. If using other advertising formats alongside billboards make sure they work in symmetry.

4. Image power!!!

Use a powerful image that really pops!! Nothing grabs peoples attention like a high impact image.

how to create an effective billboard advert

5. Effective layout

One simple rule to follow. Adverts with branding at the top, middle and bottom are consumed better than those when the key elements are scattered around. Why is that? we naturally reads posters in a “z” shape path.

6. Point of contact

Make sure your point of contact details are bold enough to be seen. Include in your advert a phone number, street address, and  a website address, But try not to have too many points of contact.

7. Entertain

The most powerful outdoor advertising campaigns are the ones that encourage positive emotions. If possible, try to deliver your message in an entertaining manner without jeopardising the effectiveness

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