Complete guide to a 48 sheet billboard

The Complete guide to a 48 sheet billboard

Amplify Outdoor have over 20 years experience with outdoor advertising in the UK. We give local businesses the opportunity to promote their products and services on a 48 sheet billboard.

Below is a complete guide to the 48 sheet billboard which includes all the factors involved when looking to advertise on one.

What is a 48 sheet advertising billboard?

When it comes to billboard advertising, the 48 sheet is the most popular amongst advertisers both locally and nationally. Traditional 48 sheet billboards offers businesses and brands maximum exposure and exclusivity at an affordable cost.

You will typically find a 48 sheet billboard at very busy roadsides, traffic light junctions and by the side of main A roads that enters/leaves Towns and Cities. Consumers also engage with these high impact structures at Train Station car parks, shopping centres and close to shopping centres.

With the right advert design, advertising on a 48 sheet can create an engaging visual impact that resonates with customers.

What are the sizes of a 48 Sheet billboard?

This size of billboard is by no means the largest within the outdoor advertising arena but still large enough to make an impact. At a size of 20ft x 10ft it’s the most cost effective billboard size.

The 48 sheet billboard sizes and dimensions are :-

  • 3048 mm x 6096 mm
  • 3 m x 6 m
  • 10 ft x 20 ft

Let us plan a 48 sheet billboard campaign for your business

Prominent locations

Affordable for local businesses

Flexible campaign lengths

Billboards in main Towns and Cities

48 sheet billboard costs

As a ballpark figure, 48 sheet costs start from £250 – £500 for a 2 weeks campaign. However, there are several factors to consider which affects the cost.

Campaign Length

The campaign length refers to the time period during which your advert is displayed. Billboards are generally booked on a 2 week cycle but we also offer great discounts for longer term or multiple location campaigns. We have clients who book 2 week event campaigns, right through to 12 months with generic artwork.

Production and artwork costs

When looking at the cost of a 48 sheet billboard campaign, You should always determine if the price quoted includes artwork design and poster production.

All national outdoor providers will add costs on top for advert design and poster production. However, Amplify offer the best rates of £50+vat for ad design and £70+vat for 48 sheet billboard poster printing.

If a campaign is booked long term, there are incidences of us offering these as part of the campaign.

The frequency of your bookings

The same offer of discounts applies to regular and returning businesses. Customers who book multiple times throughout the year with us would have access to discounted 48 billboard costs. This will make your marketing expenditure go further.

Traditional v’s digital 48 sheet billboard

With the rise of digital in recent years it’s important to compare it with traditional billboard advertising.

Digital billboards are costly and not in reach to businesses. As far as traditional billboards go, the charge is much more affordable along with greater benefits.

Traditional offers exclusivity

Brands share the space with a minimum of 5 other advertisers on digital 48 sheets. This will only give you 10 seconds coverage each minute. Whereas traditional billboards are exclusive giving you solus advertising and maximum exposure.

Traditional billboard costs are within reach 

The cost of a digital 48 sheet billboard is around £1400-£2000 for a 2 week slot with 1/6th of the coverage. Traditional is more affordable as you would expect to pay £350 per 2 weeks which also allows exclusivity.

Advert transition

Digital runs the risk of consumers missing your message as they’re unable to read it fast enough before it changes. Traditional billboard are the opposite. Your business is the only one that is displayed and doesn’t get replaced by another advertiser after a few seconds.

UK wide poster delivery

Cheapest printing prices

Super quick turnaround

Delivery to any premises

48 sheet billboard poster printing

When you really want to stand out with your advertising, 48 billboard posters are the answer. Outdoor advertising is extremely cost effective as it has the lowest cost per thousand people who’ll see your message. With this in mind, lets take a look at the costs and materials involved in printing a 48 sheet poster for your campaign.

There is no minimum print run requirement so you can print as many or few as you need. Our large format printing presses produce perfect images for the outdoor advertising industry.  At Amplify, we use a minimum weight of  130gsm blue-black paper. These billboard posters are are water resistant, strong, and ideal for UK weather. This means that your advert would stay in place for the duration and not fade during exposure to sunlight.

We pride ourselves on offering the best quality poster printing service at the cheapest rates. Click for an free quote today and see that we offer the full outdoor advertising solution.

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