Choosing a billboard location

Choosing a billboard location that is perfect for your business

QUESTION – Do you want to run a successful billboard advertising campaign that generates greater footfall and sales?

ANSWER – Choosing a billboard location for your business that targets your key demographic, audience and area. Here’s a list of the areas that we cover with prime billboard locations.

Here is the guide to achieving this:-

1. Visibility

First off, the visibility of the billboard should be at the forefront of your decision making.

These are the things to consider when evaluating the visibility of your billboard location:

Ensure the billboard is facing head on to oncoming traffic – When your advert is displayed head on to pedestrians and traffic on a busy road it has a much higher impact than a parallel location. Your advert can be seen from a greater distance and much more in your face. You need to catch peoples attention in a short period of time.

Make sure the billboard is not obscured – Choosing a billboard location situated in front of constantly parked cars, high hedges or half of the display is obscured by a building in front is a big no, no and will have an impact on whether or not it will drive you sales and leads.

2. Traffic count of a billboards location

Obviously the higher the traffic count of a particular road the greater the amount of opportunities to see your advert there is. All our billboard locations are situated on major arterial roads with a high traffic count, within tourism hotspots and in highly populated areas. We get our traffic data from government figures, from this we know that over 72 million vehicles drive past our portfolio of billboards on a monthly basis. We can provide you with traffic data to all of our sites.

Choosing a billboard location

3. Audience demographic and target audience

  • Who is you key demographic?
  • Who do you want through your doors and are more likely to spend?
  • Age, Gender and ABC1’S? .

This is vital when choosing a billboard location for your business. For example you sell bespoke high end bathrooms and your audience is affluent who care more about the quality of a product/ service – Then a billboard in an affluent area who are an AB demographic!!!

4. Proximity

Do you want to use a billboard location that is up the road that you want to use to signpost people to your business? or do you want multiple billboards giving you regional coverage in main towns and cities along the South Coast?


Choosing a billboard location

In summary..

Billboards are perfect to reach a large, relevant audience and can create an impact like no other advertising format. If you follow the above tips the likelihood is your campaign will be a success.

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