How do you choose an effective billboard location

Choosing a billboard location

There is no doubt that a billboard is a great way for an advertiser to reach a large, relevant audience, but choosing a billboard location that will engage with their target audience is crucial for its success. The right billboard locations can greatly impact the visibility and effectiveness of an outdoor advertising campaign.

Even if the advert is well-designed, the campaign may potentially fail. This can happen if you pick the wrong locations. The location plays a major role in determining the success of the billboard advertising campaign. Let’s take a look at the factors involved when choosing a billboard location.

Choosing A Billboard Location With Good Visibility

Firstly, a key factor in achieving success from your billboard campaign and it being memorable with consumers is making sure that they can see it in the first place. If a billboard location is obscured wholly or partially by foliage, lamp posts, traffic signs or buildings then this will seriously harm the performance of the advertising message .

These are the things to consider when evaluating the visibility of your billboard location:

Ensure the billboard is facing head on to oncoming traffic 

When your advert is displayed head on to oncoming vehicles along a busy road it has a much greater impact than a billboard which is parallel to the roadside.

The best billboard location is head on and will be seen by the consumer from a greater distance and much more in their face. Remember, You only have a short window of opportunity to engage with the motorist, so, give it your best shot.

Make Sure The Location of The Billboard Is Not Obscured

Choosing a billboard location situated in front of parked cars, high hedges, trees and half of the display being obscured is a big no, no and will have an impact on whether or not it will increase your sales and leads.

The passer by will not go out of their way to look at the advertising message. A billboard situated on the gable wall of a high building isn’t going to attract any attention. Ensure that you choose a location that is within the drivers height of vision for maximum exposure.

Choosing a billboard location


Traffic Count Of The Billboards’ Location

Obviously the higher the traffic count of a particular road the greater the amount of opportunities to see your advert there is. All our billboard locations are situated on major arterial roads with a high traffic count, within tourism hotspots and in highly populated areas. We get our traffic data from government figures, from this we know that over 72 million vehicles drive past our portfolio of billboards on a fortnightly basis. We can provide you with traffic data to all of our sites.

Choosing Locations With Multiple Billboards

It’s quite important to research locations and check to see if there are multiple billboards in the same area. If so, multiple advertisers would be fighting for the same eyeballs and it could be harder to stand out amongst the crowd.

Signpost Nearby Customers With Billboards

Selecting a location close to your business gives you the ability to signpost potential customers in the immediate vicinity. This will have an impact on sales and enquiries immediately as opposed to long term branding campaigns.

You want to reach consumers at the point of the decision. Therefore, you may consider choosing a  billboard near a roundabout or junction directly before the exit that leads to your premises.

Consider picking a billboard location near to your competitors, this will encourage people to shop at your business instead of theirs.

Even the most basic artwork highlighting the location of your business and the distance from the billboard has proven to be successful in directing customers to a store or branch.

Best billboard locations


Audience Demographic And Target Audience

When picking billboard locations, you should always consider your target audience when deciding which ones to choose.

Knowing your target audience, means at least knowing the age range, gender, education, marital status, income level and profession of your potential customer, which can help you decide where to place your billboard ads.

  • Who is you key demographic?
  • Who do you want through your doors and are more likely to spend?
  • Age, Gender and ABC1’S? .

This is vital when choosing a billboard location for your business. For example you sell bespoke high end bathrooms and your audience is affluent who care more about the quality of a product/ service – Then a billboard in an affluent area who are an AB demographic!!!


Billboard Advertising Near To Schools

Finally, When choosing a billboard location, you should consider schools and other locations as to where a young audience would frequent. Alcohol and various other products should not be placed on a billboard within 100 metres of a school. 200 metres in Scotland and Ireland.

The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and the Advertising Standards Authority is responsible for writing the Advertising Codes. You should check their website for codes and advice.



Billboards are perfect to reach a large, relevant audience and can create an impact like no other advertising format. If you follow the above tips then the likelihood is that your campaign will be a success.

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