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Cheap outdoor advertising for local businesses

Many companies ask if there is such a thing as cheap outdoor advertising. Especially when they are new to it and have only ever used local newspapers to promote their company.

Many are apprehensive due to the sheer size and presence of an outdoor billboard thinking it’s well out of their budget. In fact, billboard advertising is one of the most cost effective ways to promote your business to your target audience.

Outdoor advertising isn’t just available to big brands and now within reach of the small coffee shop on the high street. The average cost is around £350 for 2 weeks on a traditional a 48-sheet billboard. When you consider the fact that one day in the local newspaper is around £500, outdoor advertising is actually cheap in price.


The factors involved when it comes to how cheap outdoor advertising are :-

  • Location
  • Size
  • Length

Lets explore these a bit more


Where your advertising message is situated is a major factor when it comes to the cost of your campaign. Some of the high end locations such as Piccadilly Circus doesn’t come cheap. The cheaper outdoor advertising locations would be outside of London on main arterial routes into and out of Town Centres.


The most common size in the outdoor advertising arena is the 48 sheet (20ft x 10ft). Normally, the bigger the size, the higher the cost. This is due to the larger sizes draw more attention and gain more impacts. and the production of larger, print outdoor advertisements costs more, which impacts the price of rental.

Campaign length

The longer your advert is displayed, the more it will get seen by your potential customers. The more they see it, the more likely it is that they will remember it.

Having your advert on a billboard for longer will cost more than 2 weeks. But we offer great discounts for long term bookings and reward businesses for their loyalty.


As you can see it really is simple to book billboard advertising and can be tailored dependent on your campaign and your objectives.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about the costs and process of outdoor advertising.

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