call to actions on billboard adverts

Call To Actions On Billboard Adverts

Call To Actions On Billboard Adverts

One of the most important elements of your campaign is having call to actions on billboard adverts.  Furthermore, Too many businesses ignore this and its actually the one that makes customers perform a profitable action towards your business.

The effectiveness of the advert is actually tested here when you ask the customer to call, buy, visit you on social media, visit your office or store. As a result, The stronger your advert, the more effective your call-for-action would be.

What Is A Call To Action?

A call to action (CTA) is a marketing term that refers to a specific instruction given to the audience, encouraging them to take immediate action. In the context of advertising, a call to action prompts consumers to engage with a brand, make a purchase, visit a website, or perform any desired action. It serves as a crucial element in driving conversions and measuring the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

Do Billboards Need A Call To Actions?

Billboards, being a visual medium, have limited space for text and information. However, this does not mean that a call to action is unnecessary. In fact, including a CTA on billboards can significantly enhance their effectiveness. A well-designed and concise CTA can capture attention, create interest, and drive traffic to the desired destination, such as a website or a physical premises.

Some Examples Of Call To Actions On Billboards

Asking People To Call Your Telephone Number

Firstly, one of the most obvious ones, incorporating your telephone number within your billboard advert is a great call to action. Make sure the number is eligible, bold and stands out.

Direct People To A Website

You may have an e-commerce website that specialises in online sales or you want to provide the consumer with a lot more information that the billboard advert cannot include.

The reasons as to why you shouldn’t include too much text in your billboard advert can be found on our other page.

Direct People To Your Social Media Channels

Incorporating social media logos or your social landing page is a great way for people to like and share your daily updates. Importantly, They can also find the most up to date information with regards to your business.

Signposting People To Your Place Of Business.

Including a short address within your advert is a sure fire way to increase footfall to your business. Maybe have a think about something short and snappy like ” Put BH15 XXX into your sat nav now”

If the billboard is close to your premises consider adding an arrow to point them in the direction.

Use Of Twitter Hashtags

Use of dedicated hashtags can get the online community involved and talking about your billboard advert, business and brand.

Dedicated Discount Codes

Offering discount codes within your billboard advert alerts the consumer to really great offers. Above all, Your business can see the benefit from immediate sales.

QR (Quick response) Codes Are Great For Call To Actions On Billboard Adverts

QR codes are great for 6 sheets on the high streets engaging pedestrians. They can scan and be immediately directed to your website, the app store to download your app or a dedicated landing page.

A Time Sensitive Sale With An “Offer Ends” Date

Finally, Nothing quite beats a ” summer sale or offer ends in July” for immediate call to action results.

Do billboards need a call to action

Measuring the Success of Billboards with a Call to Actions

One of the advantages of incorporating a call to action in billboard advertising is the ability to measure its effectiveness. By including a unique URL, QR code, or a dedicated phone number, companies can track the number of responses generated by the billboard. This data allows them to evaluate the return on investment and make informed decisions for future campaigns.

Call To Actions On Billboard Adverts – Conclusion

In conclusion, billboards can greatly benefit from including a call to action. A well-crafted CTA not only provides clear direction to the audience but also creates a sense of urgency and motivates immediate action. By incorporating a call to action, businesses can enhance the effectiveness of billboards and measure their impact on consumer behaviour. So, the next time you plan a billboard campaign, remember to include a compelling call to action to maximise its potential and drive desired outcomes.

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