Buy a billboard

Buy a billboard

Here is our handy guide on how to buy a billboard for your business within the local area to reach out and engage your key audience to drive sales.

Demystifying billboard advertising

First lets clarify a few things about billboard advertising.

Businesses sometimes feel that its difficult and daunting to advertise their message and brand on a billboard due to the process of choosing a location, poster printing, advert design etc. Then they feel that it is an expensive affair due to the sheer size and impact of them.

This is in fact not the case:-

Costs – Advertising on a billboard for 2 weeks is cheaper than advertising in the local newspaper for one day. It has been proven that billboards provide a great return on investment for businesses advertising spend.

Process – The process for your business to buy a billboard is really simple. Amplify Outdoor can take care of everything from recommending locations to engage your target audience, advert design , poster printing and fixing.

How to buy a billboard from Amplify Outdoor

A) Contact us

Amplify Outdoor are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can Contact us at anytime

B) Select your billboard location(s), campaign period and length

We will recommend locations based on your needs and confirm availability, costs and process.

C) Send us your advert design

Send us your advert design from the specs and dimensions that we provide.We will also give you guidance on how to create a successful billboard advert

We can also design your advert if preferred (for a small, extra cost)

D) Your campaign goes live and we send you photos of your advert in situ.

It really is as simple as that for businesses to buy a billboard. Please feel free to Contact the Amplify Outdoor team today and we will do everything to make your business famous locally.

Ready to unlock the power of Billboard advertising?

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