Brand building with billboard advertising

Brand building with billboard advertising

Businesses of all sizes are always looking for ways to build trust amongst consumers and brand building with billboard advertising is proven way to gain that trust.

Billboard advertising is the perfect format through which your brand can build trust with consumers. In this day and age, it’s important that businesses build a sense of trust amongst their customer base. This is true when you think that authenticity is one of the top qualities that attracts consumers to brands.

Reasons why you should use outdoor advertising to build your brand:-


It gains trust amongst the modern generation

Millennials, the modern generation trust traditional media more over digital formats. 56% of millennials trust outdoor advertising over online banner adverts.

People these days are getting over exposed to poorly targeted online adverts on their laptops and mobile devices. They feel that these ads are intrusive and annoying.

When brand building with billboard advertising you are in a much better position. Outdoor advertising has a perception of a high costs with the wow factor and always used by large, national trusted brands. In fact 9/10 of the biggest advertising spenders in the UK use outdoor advertising.

Billboard advertising has certainly increased in credibility of late and millennials have emerged as the consumer demographic most influential and motivated.

brand building with billboard advertising

Build trust through brand building with billboards

If commuters see your advert every time they drive to work they will develop confidence in your brand. They will have a sense of you are in it for the long haul.Using billboard advertising on a long term basis also have positive effects.

Outdoor advertising increases and backs up word of mouth

Consumers are getting more reliant on recommendations from people who they know and trust. This is why positive word of mouth is one of the key things to focus on and billboard advertising can drive this  on a large scale.

Research in the American marketplace revealed that 58% of motorists who viewed roadside billboards directly responded to the advert by going to an event, visited a location or purchased a product. Furthermore, 56% told their friends and family about a campaign that they had seen.

As a trusted format, it’s clear that outdoor advertising resonates with people and the messages being delivered on billboards help to drive recommendations between customers vis social media and word of mouth.


How does billboard advertising build trust?

Billboard advertising and other OOH adverts blend into the urban environment. They are made up of strategically placed, nonintrusive adverts that are capable of engaging customers when they are in a highly alert mindset.

From small adverts on the high street to massive 96 sheet billboards, they reach up to 98% of the UK population every week. They also have higher engagement rates than any other forms of advertising.

Studies conducted by Nielsen has revealed that more than 56% of consumers trust outdoor advertising as an advertising medium.

Whilst billboards instantly help to build rapports and trust with people in the local area, They also have a high response rate with relatable and targeted messages.

Brand building advertising examples

Brand building with billboard advertising as part of an integrated campaign

If you really want to get even greater success out of billboard advertising, The advice is to use it as part of an integrated marketing campaign. Outdoor advertising offers its considerable authority and impact to other marketing channels. This in turn will drive higher conversion rates across the board.

To back this up, you only need to look at the relationship between outdoor advertising and activation through mobile. Consumers who see an outdoor advertising campaign are around 17% more likely to engage with a brand through their mobile. Remember, more than 60% of all Internet searchesare now executed through mobile devices.

When planning an integrated campaign, billboard advertising should always be at the top of the list. Furthermore, its one of the most successful and cost effective mediums.

Trust has to be earned: Aim long term to build your brand.

It is important to remember that trust has to be earned and this happens over time. You should aim to build your brand and trust over multiple billboard campaigns.

Familiarity builds trust, so delivering constant messages across a number of outdoor advertising campaigns will increase confidence in your brand. This will establish respect within the local area.


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