using a billboard outdoor

why use a billboard outdoor to promote your business

If you need to make a big impact in your local area, using a billboard outdoor can raise your profile and deliver results. Billboard advertising puts your business in front of consumers as they’re driving or walking around the local area.

Why a billboard outdoor works

While most forms of traditional advertising is in decline, Outdoor advertising is growing in popularity. It works because people spend most of their waking life outdoors.

Billboard advertising demands attention and doesn’t require the audience to do anything to see it. You don’t have to tune in, click on it or turn a page.

Furthermore, Consumers welcome an outdoor billboard as its providing colour, humour and interest within a grey, urban landscape. In addition, Many people regard it as less intrusive than other advertising methods such as online advertising.

advertising on an outdoor billboard

Where to advertise outdoors

Outdoor advertising doesn’t only consist of billboards situated at the side of the road. There are various format that suit all budgets. Your choice will be driven by your target audience and budget.

If your target market is defined by people within your local area, a few well-chosen billboard sites would raise your business’ brand and drive sales.

Outdoor advertising on the high street and in shopping malls catches this audience while they are in a buying frame of mind. A well designed advert can prompt people to buy your products there and then over your competitors.

outdoor advertising billboard

Creative posters on a billboard outdoor 

One of the main considerations for every outdoor advertising campaigns is how long your demographic will view your advert for. A billboard outdoor at the roadside has seconds to deliver its message.

Other forms of outdoor advertising, such as train station platforms would hold a longer viewing.

Viewing distance is also a key factor. Roadside billboard advertising needs to be simple, image led and a maximum of 10 words.

Outdoor advertisements that are viewed for longer allow you to include more detailed information. More text with can be used.

However, a simple and clear message is always essential. Colours should be bold and the advert should be easily visible from a distance. Humour, strong images and wordplay will make an impact and make your message and brand more memorable.

Buying billboard outdoor advertising space

For national brands, outdoor advertising is bought via agencies, although for local businesses you will get the best rates and packages if you call our team direct on 01202 670687.

One key consideration when choosing a billboard outdoor is audience measurement. When choosing your location ask us about traffic counts and data. As we have some of the best locations in the area we will be able to tell you how many people drive past a location every week.


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