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How To Advertise On A Billboard In London

Billboards are more effective today than they were 50 years ago. Using a billboard in London is one of the best investments any business and brand can make, as commuter levels continue to rise and the population of London becomes more mobile and aware. A billboard in London is a dominant and interruptive form of advertising that is an effective way for businesses to promote their services and gain the brand recognition that they need to grow.

With this in mind, you should expect to see an increase in demand for billboard advertising in London over the next 12 months. Businesses will be utilising billboards as part of integrated campaigns, particularly as the economy continues to grow. In this post, we’ll show how you how to advertise on a billboard in London, UK successfully, whilst considering the best methods and metrics for tracking performance.

Where Are The Billboard Locations In London?

London offers the largest number of billboard locations than anywhere else within the UK. If there’s a Borough or particular audience that you would want to engage with, We can put your message in the right place at the right time.

Billboards in London are usually placed in high traffic areas, whether that be pedestrian footfall or vehicular traffic.

However, the visibility of the billboard in London should be your main priority when picking that great spot. If the billboard has a limited visibility, it’s not going to have any impact and consumers are not going to see or engage with your message.

Some of the factors to consider when picking a billboard location in London:

  • Ensure that it faces head on 

People aren’t going to go out of their way to look at your advert, it has to be readable in a short space of time whilst being passed at high speed. Make sure it faces head on to oncoming traffic and not parallel to the roadside.

  • Make sure it’s placed at a readable height

Choosing a billboard high up on a building is only going to attract the birds. Ensure the placement of your billboard is in the motorists line of sight for maximum exposure.

  • The best billboards have no visible interference

There are many billboards on the road with road signs, buildings, lampposts and trees in the way of the advert being displayed. You must make sure that nothing comes in the way of the passer by and your message as this will seriously harm the performance of your campaign.

How Much Does A Billboard In London Cost

How Much Does A Billboard In London Cost?

One of the main reasons for a business to overlook this effective form of advertising is the cost assumption. They assume that billboards are expensive – but that’s not the case.

The cost to advertise on a billboard in London will depend on many factors. These can include location, format, visibility and length of display. Roughly, a digital 48 sheet billboard in London would cost in the region of  £1500+vat per 2 weeks. Whereas, a traditional 48 sheet billboard in London would cost £500+vat per 2 weeks with poster production included.

Sizes Of Billboards In London

There are many billboard sizes and formats within the City of London, Below is a list of the most common.

6-Sheet Billboard: 1800mm x 1200mm

16-Sheet Billboard: 3048mm x 2032mm

32-Sheet Billboard: 3048mm x 4064mm

48-Sheet Billboard: 3048mm x 6096mm

48 sheet billboard in London

96-Sheet Billboard: 3000mm x 12,000mm

Advertising on a 96 sheet billboard in London

The most popular size ads in London are undoubtedly the 48 and 96 sheet billboards, which obviously gives you more advertising space in which to work with.

So, you’ll need to determine which billboard size works best for you and the design elements, while also factoring in your underlying budget before making a final decision.

How To Create An Advert For A Billboard In London

Londoners Hate Boring Ads

Consumers hate boring adverts and hardly ever engage with them. A good billboard should prick their imagination, and there should be a call to action visible in the space provided. It will encourage people to learn more about the business.

Make Your Content Legible With Readable Fonts 

The fonts used with your London advert should be large enough to be seen from a distance. Make sure that the font size is readable and the letters are spread out neatly. Aside from a large size, the colour of it needs to compliment the colour of your background.

Use 10 Words Or Less And Use Images

When creating your advert for you London billboard, make sure that it’s image led. Tell the story with captivating photos or images.

Call To Actions Get The People Of London Involved.

A way of contacting your business should always be within your advert. If your company has a website, phone number or a social media account, add it as well. It would increase the chances of getting new customers.


Make sure that the colours you use are complementary to each other. Take note of the colours and the contrast because some colour combinations can be unreadable.


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