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Billboard for rent in the local area for local businesses

We realise that looking at a billboard for rent is new for a lot of small business and we understand that. If you haven’t used billboard advertising before, you might not know the impact that it might have on your business. To help you make a decision, Here’s a few key reasons as to why you should rent a billboard for your company.

Billboards are welcomed within the local area

In these modern times, we’re seeing an increase in digital online advertising. Its a marketplace that is becoming really saturated. Furthermore, when a brand saturates the market with a message or product, the consumer switches off to it.
This means that the likelihood of people responding to an advertising message being displayed in a digital manner is unlikely. Especially ads like pop ups on web browsers.

What is most likely, is that people will ignore the advert and have a negative association with the brand or product because they are using nuisance advertising.

Billboard advertising on the other hand has enjoyed a massive growth along with increased acceptance and popularity. Consumers love looking at colourful images on a billboard to pass the time as they wait for their train or for the lights to turn green.

For instance, when a consumer views a billboard from their vehicle, they are more likely to notice the advert, read it, and respond to it.

If the billboard is aesthetically pleasing, they may even consider the billboard enriching to their experience of the outdoors.

Rent a billboard for a local business


Billboard for rent at affordable prices

At the moment it’s really affordable when you are looking at a billboard for rent. In most cases its cheaper than print or digital advertising. Furthermore, Advertising on billboards produces a bigger impact on a smaller budget. Therefore, making it a great opportunity for businesses with smaller budgets to make a real statement.

Additionally, unlike online or print ads, billboards are more of a long term format. When you rent a billboard, you are buying location and length of time.

When your billboard ad is available to be seen by consumers for a longer length of time it with achieve familiarity with them.

Unlike print or digital, Billboard adverts have a longer life span, ensuring your target audience sees your product and brand and remembers it.

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Brand build with billboard rental

We’ve already discussed how billboard adverts are viewed more favourably than other forms of advertising. However, outdoor advertising can also help you build brand and in turn a greater memory recall.

Consumers cannot ignore or turn off a rented billboard advert that they are exposed to. Digitally, a consumer can choose to close a web page, or turn a channel. They have very little control over adverts that are displayed.

Furthermore, Consumers will use the same road everyday and will see the same billboard that has been rented multiple times. This will develop familiarity with the business being advertised and and a stronger recall of their brand.

Working with a company like Amplify Outdoor we will ensure that your adverts are visually stimulating and placed in prime locations. This will increase you ROI.

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Renting a billboard for your business gives you maximum exposure

When we are exposed to messages on repetitive basis 2 things are achieved:-

  • Brand familiarisation
  • An increase in enquiries and sales.

When your target market is being repeatedly exposed to your advertising message they are more likely to respond.

When renting a billboard it serves as a reminder for brands and products with which consumers are already familiar.

Seeing a billboard advert will plant its message in the mind of the consumer to use it the next time they are in need. Furthermore, It can sway them to purchase a product or service they wouldn’t have considered using previously.

No matter what size your business. If you’re wanting to brand build and gain high exposure of your product, billboard rental should be a strong consideration.

When you rent a billboard it will save you time, money and generate a higher response than other advertising format.

The benefits of renting a billboard are vast and available to businesses of all sizes. Let us boost your  brand image and increase sales.


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