effective Billboard Design Guidelines

Billboard design guidelines that will achieve results

Billboard advertising continues to be a major part of a modern day advertising campaign. They’re effectively used to connect buyers with sellers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Consumers are creatures of habit, they normally commute on the same route everyday. This adds a greater brand recall of the messages displayed on a billboard advertising campaign.  Billboard advertising is more effective and cost efficient than ever for advertisers but it will only work if you follow some key billboard design guidelines.

There are variances in designing for both digital and traditional static billboards.  With that in mind, here are recommended billboard design guidelines that would help you achieve success:

Be Clear and Concise

Your content will only be visible for a few seconds by consumers. Great billboard designs communicate without a lot of words and is image led. In fact, most people will stop reading after five words. Try to convey the essence of an idea via images rather than describing it with prose.

Use the right sizes and dimensions

The size of the billboard you choose will determine the size of the artwork that you will need to create.

Your advert must match the correct dimensions of the billboard that they will appear on. If you use images that are of low resolution they will appear blurry and wishy washy. Higher res images will look bold and sharp.

Be Bold

Due to the small window of opportunity to get your message across, use large, bold fonts and avoid narrow or ornate fonts. Use bright colours with a high level of contrast between the text and the background which makes your advert is easier to read and understand.

Use Appropriate Content

It’s true that the funnier the advert the more it gets talked about. However, There is a fine line and make sure that your advert content is appropriate for all audiences.

best billboard design guidelines

Stick to one idea or message

Make everything simple.  Don’t present a complex message or numerous images.  Have one thing that you want your audience to do.  The best outdoor advertising campaigns reduces a complex message to it’s essential elements.

Design test

A billboard is not a print ad in a newspaper.  The average viewing time is only around 5 seconds.  A good test is to show the design to someone from a distance for only 5 seconds and then ask them about it.  Did they understand it?  Who was the advertiser?  What do they think the advertiser wants them to do?

guidelines for a great billboard design


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