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Billboard Advertising in the UK

98% of people in the UK see outdoor advertising every week

Did you know that billboard advertising is more cost effective than any other format if you want to engage with a large audience. Furthermore, its more affordable than ever for local businesses.

What is UK billboard advertising?

The name billboard comes from the term “billing board.” It is a large outdoor advertising space designed to capture the attention of passing motorists and pedestrians. Billboard advertising in the UK is normally situated around high traffic areas and is high impact, simple, striking and creative.

Have you ever glanced at billboard advertising on your daily commute to work and wondered how effective these large, outdoor displays really are and could it work for my business?

Why use billboard advertising?

The benefits 

  • Billboards deliver your message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Print, radio and TV can be turned off and put down, unlike billboard advertising.
  • It engages with your target audience like no other forms of advertising can.
  • Cost-effective advertising with a high impact.
  • Increases brand awareness and drives name recognition.
  • Outdoor advertising has a massive impact when used with colourful and eye-catching advert creatives.
  • OOH is see by millions of people on a daily basis.
  • You can target a specific audience by advertising in a certain location.
  • Billboards allow for solus advertising. Your advert will not be lost in the mix of competitors or editorial content.
  •  Your business continuously promoted..
  • Potential customers can get directed to your place of business.

83% of people recall seeing outdoor advertising within the last 30 minutes before shopping

The simple way to booking billboard advertising with Amplify

If you want to book billboard advertising in the UK and haven’t done it before you can follow these 5 easy steps:-

  1. Pick your billboard location(s) based on who you want to put your message in front of.
  2. Find out the costs and availability.
  3. Design an advert that resonates with your target audience.
  4. We’ll then print your poster and fix them to the billboards.

Lets look at this a bit further:-

1. Pick your billboard location(s) based 

One of the best ways to get results from an outdoor advertising campaign is establishing your target audience. This will give you an insight as to where the right billboard advertising locations are to reach out to them.

2. Find out costs and availability.

As soon as you’ve established the right locations, Email or call us, we can check the availability and also put together an advertising package for you that wont break the budget.

Amplify Outdoor are a family run, independent billboard advertising company who are not restricted by rate cards so we are able to offer discounted package deals for multiple locations or longer term bookings.

3. Advert design.

The advertising space is booked, now don’t waste it. You will need to ensure that your message relates to the people that you want to see it.

Our creative team will make sure that your advert will be designed  to meet and engage with your desired audience.

If you have your own designer we will provide artwork specifications and advice for them to work from. There are also so great tips on creating an effective billboard advert.

4. Billboard poster printing

Once you are 100% happy with the design of your advert we will send it to printers and obtain a proof. If you wish to use your own printing company just get them to deliver it to our depot.

5. Poster fixing

All poster fixing is carried out in house and your advert will go up on time and in a correct manner.

You often see peeling posters on billboards of some national outdoor providers.  Not on our watch!!! use higher quality poster material along with thick paste to ensure that your advert remains in place for the duration of your campaign.

What can I expect to pay for billboard advertising in my area?

In the UK billboard advertising costs can vary. These would mainly be due to the location and size of the advertising location.

The standard costs of a 48 sheet billboard advertising location can vary between £250-£400 for 2 weeks. With Amplify Outdoor this cost would include the poster production and fixing.

The factors that affect the costs are size, location, artwork design, poster printing and the length of rental period.

How can I find out about billboard advertising availability?

If there’s locations throughout the UK that you feel is perfect for your business please get in touch.

We will be able to let you know the  billboard advertising availability for them ASAP?

Please contact us today for billboard advertising availability in your area.

98% of people in the UK see outdoor advertising every week

This is why billboard advertising is more effective than any other advertising format in the marketplace. It is now in reach and affordable for local businesses.

What length of time should I book billboard advertising for?

Businesses should look at booking a billboard based on your their marketing objectives. This is based on budgets and the reasons why they want to advertise.

Are you:-

  • Promoting a new product, sale, open day or event?
  • Trying to raise your profile and brand awareness within your area.

Longer term campaigns tend to be more effective. It has been proven that customers who are exposed to billboard advertising are 17% more likely to engage with brands. If the same person drives past your advert several times throughout the day, imagine the results from repeat exposure.

Two weeks utilised on multiple locations can also be very effective. You might just want to run a high impact campaign to drive a boost in sales or promote an event or open day.

Im thinking of booking billboard advertising long term. What are the benefits?

There are numerous to booking a billboard long term. These include discounted costs and adding notoriety to your business.

You can get great discounts from the cost of billboard advertising when booking long term. Not only can you secure the space long term, It has the potential to produce a greater return on investment via an extended visibility.

Prominent locations tend to get booked up quickly so contact us  as soon as you see the perfect billboard advertising location for your business.

Billboard advertising sizes

Here we’ll take a look at some of the traditional billboard advertising sizes that are favoured by local businesses and also national brands.

6 sheets

This advertising format tends to deliver messages around towns and the local community due to them being situated in highly pedestrianised areas. 6 Sheets are mainly located to reach a pedestrian audience and impact shoppers at point of sale to alter purchasing decisions.

6 sheet dimensions:-

  • 1.8 metres x 1.2metres
  • 47.24 inches  x 70.87 inches

48 sheet billboard

48 sheet billboard advertising is 20ft x 10ft in size. The most popular large outdoor advertising format and favoured by national brands and local businesses. Furthermore, they are easily viewed from distances.

Often seen near busy roadsides, in high traffic count areas, on main arterial roads and populated areas.

Amplify has a portfolio of 48 sheet billboards with the capacity to put your business in the heart of Towns and Cities.  They can offer a cost effective coverage throughout a large area.

The size of a 48 sheet:-

  • 20 foot x 10 foot
  • 6 metres x 3 metres
  • 240 inches x 120 inches

96 sheet billboard

The 96 sheet billboard advertising poster is 40ft x 10ft in size. It is one of the largest outdoor advertising displays thats intended for viewing from a distance. Its double the size of a 48 sheet and is perfect for building brand fame whilst adding prestige and notoriety.

This size has a massive impact within the urban landscape and situated on main arterial roads and high traffic areas.

96 sheet sizes:-

  • 40 foot x 10 foot
  • 12 metres x 3 metres
  • 480 inches x 120 inches

Advertising on a billboard V’s Newspapers

The print media relies on readership and circulation figures. Local publications tend to have a circulation of around 30,000 but these figures are dropping rapidly year on year.

Most newspapers and glossy magazines promote high distribution figures to try and sell you advertising without the stats to prove it, Like ABC (Audit Bureau of circulation). They fabricate their print run.

This cannot be said for billboard advertising, people are spending more time “out of home” and due to this, engagements with outdoor adverting is always on the increase. It offers brands and businesses exclusivity along with maximum exposure.

Billboard advertising V’s Radio

  • 61% of UK adults do not listen to any Commercial Radio stations HOWEVER…. 98% will see outdoor advertising every week.
  • There’s 20% of UK adults do not listen to any form of Radio
  • 42% of UK adults do not  notice the ads on the Radio
  • 57% of UK adults who have seen Bus advertising do not listen to Commercial Radio
  • You can’t turn off a billboard and they deliver your message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can switch radio stations off or change the station. 

Billboard advertising or bus advertising?

Disadvantages of bus advertising

  • The back of a bus offers a relatively small advert space.
  • Adverts on the sides of buses tend to not face head on to people. Therefore, This would be difficult for the consumer to read.
  • Movement – The bus has pulled off by the time you’ve read the advert. It’s really difficult to read an advert whilst a bus is moving.
  • If your advert is on a shabby looking bus, The prestige of your brand will be diminished in the consumers eyes.

Advantages of billboard advertising

  • Unlike bus, billboard advertising delivers your advertising message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • A billboard adds prestige and notoriety to your business due to the size and impact.
  • Billboard advertising can offer exact locations and target your key demographic.
  • Unlike bus, Billboard advertising faces head on to consumers. Therefore, making your message easier to digest.
  • It offers a much larger advertising space than bus so you can portray you business and brand to its fullest.
  • A static location placed in front of stationary vehicles.

71% of Consumers look at billboard advertising messages

 98% of us in the UK see billboard advertising or an outdoor advert every week. 68% of consumers frequently make purchasing decisions while in the car.

Our advertising network

Amplify Outdoor’s billboard advertising locations are situated on all major arterial roads into and out of Towns and Cities. All sites face head on to oncoming traffic because it ensures the high engagement by consumers.

Areas that we cover:-

  • Poole
  • Bournemouth
  • Weymouth
  • Taunton
  • Plymouth
  • Brighton
  • Hove
  • Torbay
  • Southampton
  • Portsmouth
  • Salisbury
  • Coventry
  • London
  • Manchester

Plus many more billboard advertising locations

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Jenny Pearce
Diverse Abilities


After working with Matt for a few years now, I can honestly say it has been an absolute pleasure. His billboards are in fantastic spots and at very competitive rates, plus his customer service and professionalism is spot on. He always makes sure we receive the best service and the whole process, from booking to delivery, is perfect. I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

Hayley O’Shea
Talbot Heath School


I have worked with Matt for a few years now. His customer service is excellent often going beyond the call of duty. He has some fantastic prime spots at very competitive rates. His poster printing service is very reasonable & makes the whole process of booking & managing outdoor media seamless.

Matthew Lawrence
Urban Guild


We’ve been working with Showcase for a couple of years principally to promote our Christmas parties. As a local business with 4 restaurant and hotel venues in the town it’s great to support another local business and still achieve the reach and exposure that outdoor advertising offers. Matt’s a total pleasure to deal with and I would recommend asking him about your next marketing campaign.

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