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Prominent billboard advertising in Bournemouth

88% of people recall an outdoor advert 30 minutes prior to purchase

Increase sales by advertising on billboards in Bournemouth

Billboard advertising in Bournemouth can engage millions of tourists and residents on a daily basis. Due to newspaper readerships falling its time to use cost effective advertising. Therefore, using billboards will drive footfall to your business that wont break the bank.

Billboards – Right place, right time

Billboard advertising in Bournemouth can put your message and business right where it needs to be. Whether it is in the middle of Bournemouth town centre, Bournemouth seafront or the suburbs we have the right billboard and outdoor advertising location that will hit your demographic and target audience.

Using our high impact outdoor advertising sites in and around Bournemouth you will certainly reach a large, relevant audience.

Because we have some of the best locations in Bournemouth, our billboards can put your message where it needs to be. They are situated on the main arterial roads travelling in and out of the town as well as very busy suburbs and highly populated areas.

Why Billboard Advertising in Bournemouth?

  • Attract tourists

Bournemouth has over 6 million visitors per year, all of which are in a buying frame of mind and have a high disposable income. Most noteworthy you can alter their purchasing decisions and thoughts by using billboard advertising in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas.

  • Inform residents

With over 700,000 residents, Billboard advertising in Bournemouth can reach out to the people within your local community so you can inform them about up and coming shows, events, sales and anything else that is going on. These residents in your area are loyal and as a result they will keep coming back to you time and time again.

  • Alert students

Bournemouth has a very large number of students who are spending most of their waking life outside probably socialising with friends so they will certainly come in contact with billboard advertising in Bournemouth. Businesses can put their message in the right place at the right time so they can engage with this savvy 18-24 year old demographic to promote their gigs, offers, sales, restaurants & bars.

  • Tempt shoppers

Billboard advertising in Bournemouth and other outdoor advertising formats are perfect to alter shoppers purchasing decisions. You can engage with them as they are driving into town and then at point of sale as they are about to make a purchase. Furthermore, shoppers are already in a high buying frame of mind so making them aware of what you have to offer can tempt them into purchasing with you.

  • Convince commuters

Interact with commuters as they are driving or walking to work everyday. These people will have a greater recall of what you are saying and will definitely remember as they will see your outdoor advertising message several times throughout their weekly commute. Billboard advertising in Bournemouth is the perfect solution to reach out to such an alert audience. These days they spend even more of their time stationary and stuck in traffic meaning a high dwell time to take your advertising message in.

  • Bournemouth Airshow & other events

Bournemouth Air Festival boasts over 1.3 million visitors over the weekend each year, we have billboard positions that will certainly create an impact and grab the attention of this very large audience.


Billboards in Bournemouth promote your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Booking billboard advertising in Bournemouth long term

There are so many benefits of booking a billboard long term. As a result local businesses understand the value of billboards over any other mediums. As a result prime spots often get snapped up by businesses so it’s probably best to get in touch with us quickly for the availability as soon as you have identified a  location that would be perfect for you.

Prominent Locations

Competitive Rates

Seamless Booking Process

Local Company

Engage millions of potential customers with billboard advertising in Bournemouth

People are spending more and more time out of home these days, Therefore,  billboards in Bournemouth are the perfect solution to reach and engage with your core customers as they move around your local area. Target shoppers, commuters, tourists, students and residents as they go about their everyday life.

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98% of the UK population see outdoor advertising every week

What are the costs for billboard advertising in Bournemouth?

Maybe you think that billboards are out of reach for a small business. This isn’t the case. – We at Amplify Outdoor believe that billboards should be available to companies of all sizes and not just big, national brands.

Therefore, billboard advertising in Bournemouth with Amplify is affordable. As a result, its available to almost all SME’s.

Amplify Outdoor are not bound by rate cards like other outdoor providers. In other words, we are able to offer packages and discounts.

87% of people see an outdoor advert in Bournemouth every week

This is why billboard advertising in Bournemouth should be on every businesses marketing plan. As its such a cost effective advertising medium, it is now more affordable than ever for companies of all sizes.

What is the availability like in Bournemouth at the moment? 

Amplify Outdoor have availability on prime billboard advertising in Bournemouth and the surrounding area.

Our locations are in prominent positions. Therefore, your message will get seen by even more potential customers every week.

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Jenny Pearce
Diverse Abilities


After working with Matt for a few years now, I can honestly say it has been an absolute pleasure. His billboards are in fantastic spots and at very competitive rates, plus his customer service and professionalism is spot on. He always makes sure we receive the best service and the whole process, from booking to delivery, is perfect. I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

Hayley O’Shea
Talbot Heath School


I have worked with Matt for a few years now. His customer service is excellent often going beyond the call of duty. He has some fantastic prime spots at very competitive rates. His poster printing service is very reasonable & makes the whole process of booking & managing outdoor media seamless.

Matthew Lawrence
Urban Guild


We’ve been working with Showcase for a couple of years principally to promote our Christmas parties. As a local business with 4 restaurant and hotel venues in the town it’s great to support another local business and still achieve the reach and exposure that outdoor advertising offers. Matt’s a total pleasure to deal with and I would recommend asking him about your next marketing campaign.

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