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Billboard advertising for vape shops

Advertising for vape shops can feel like a minefield. Can I use this, Is it legal to advertise there and which is the best form of advertising to reach my target audience. All a vape store owner wants to do is drive people towards their store and away from their competitors.

With a lot of restrictions in place on many advertising channels, Billboard advertising is the perfect format to raise awareness within the local area and get your vape shop ahead of your competitors.

Billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising is also a really easy way to advertise, You just need to advertise in the right area and use the right message within your artwork.

Advertising For Vape Shops – What Can You Use?

The vape industry is not allowed to advertise on and in :-

  • The internet.
  • Social media.
  • Local and national newspapers & magazines.
  • Email marketing.

However, the vape industry is allowed to use outdoor advertising, especially billboards. This has been set out in the Advertising Standards Authority, Full advertising guidance.

It just so happens that billboard advertising is one of the most successful and cost effective ad formats available. There are around 2.8 million vapers in the UK and a lower number of traditional smokers than ever. As outdoor advertising reaches 98% of the UK population and is legal to use, surely it must be on any vape shops marketing plan.

billboard advertising for vape shops

What can you say and do about vaping in your advertising?

Some of the main rules for artwork design when advertising for vape shops include:-

  • Firstly, Ensure your billboard advertising message is sociably responsible.
  • Secondly, Do not use images of people that look under 25 years old.
  • You are not allowed to promote directly to the youth culture.
  • Stick to the facts about the product and make sure you can back it up.
  • Be honest about the ingredients. eg – If its nicotine based, include it.
  • Finally, Don’t make medical claims.

Further detailed information can be found here, on the Advertising Standards Authority website.

Where to use advertising for vape shops

If you have followed the ASA guidelines and the creative tips for billboard advertising, You should now have an advert that will be both legal and highly effective in engaging with your target audience.

The next step is to choose your outdoor advertising locations.

There was a study conducted with vape store owners in a US state.  This showed that vape store owners in this US state typically used outdoor advertising. They were very happy with the results of their billboard advertising campaigns when they use them near bars, Concert halls, music venues and restaurants.

Don’t forget to look at locations within the immediate vicinity to your vape shop. Billboards are an effective tool for signposting people to your store.

This will give you food for thought when you are selecting the right billboard advertising locations for your vape shop.


Thanks to the office of national statistics, You can now easily identify who e-cigarette buyers are. The highest proportion of vapers are mainly men aged between 35-49. Don’t forget about consumers who are looking to give up traditional cigarettes

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