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Affordable billboard advertising for charities

Billboard advertising for charities is the perfect way to reach a large audience if you are looking to increase donations or promote a fundraising event. In fact, 98% of the UK people will see an outdoor advert every week. 

Lets take a look at the impact that billboard advertising can have on charities both locally and nationally.

Why billboard advertising for charities work

Historically television advertising was the go to medium for national charities. However, Recently there has been shift towards billboard advertising, especially with local charities.

One of the best things about outdoor advertising is the amount of impact you achieve via such a small investment. You can hand pick billboard locations within the local area that will target the right donor.

Billboards offer charities a way to engage with people when they are in an alert and active state. Successful charity marketers utilise outdoor advertising to bring real stories to life within their creatives.

using a billboard for charity advertising

Billboards are effective for charities

It’s clear that in this current climate most sectors are finding things challenging. Thats also the case with the not for profit sector. That’s why it’s important to make the right advertising choices that would get the best returns for a charity. Planning billboards within a charity advertising campaign will not only work well alongside other formats but will give you a greater coverage for a small investment.

UK based Missing People used nationwide locations to quickly update information about missing children in relevant Towns and Cities. The call-to-action drove the audience to sign up to its Child Rescue Alert service, and the campaign delivered with over 20,000 registrations.


Cost-effective advertising for Charities

Identifying who your ideal customer is the first step in deciding which billboard locations to use.

Understanding who is already contributing to charities, and who isn’t, can help you strategically target the right geographic location and ideal demographic.

When it comes to charity donation stats – women are more generous than men. The most popular donations are for children and young people followed by hospitals and hospices. Furthermore, People aged 45 and up are most likely to be involved in charitable donations.

We’ve established that women aged 45 and over are the most likely to donate. So lets take a look at the millennials. Young donors and volunteers are tech-savvy and actively involved online. To get in with that crowd, you have to ensure your advertising creative’s hit the right mark.

billboard advertising costs for charities and non profits


Successful outdoor advertising campaigns start with the creative

There’s a genuine ‘feel-good’ element to being charitable. By stimulating the desire to support, donors tend to give more time and money.

The audience that sees outdoor advertising are aware and receptive to it. Even more so when it comes to a charitable advert. Eye-catching designs can draw the consumer into the story. Furthermore, the fact that the interaction draws the participant into a real-life emotional connection that helps capitalise on the moment. That also helps to build a relationship with donors.

Some great ways to break into a tight pocket?

  • Utilise the technology at your disposal.  Hashtags,  Dedicated URL’s, or donations via text or an app allow’s for maximum impact.
  • Make the most of the location. Changing your copy based on geographic location and seeking out the perfect spots with us can help you speak to your local audience. This can also make your message more personable.
  • Don’t try to fit your entire mission onto a billboard. Call out the USP’s and how a viewer can help.


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