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Best billboard advertising fonts to make an impact

Font and typography is a big part of a campaign when it comes to its design, You may be tempted not to look for the best billboard advertising fonts as the other elements like images and colours are so powerful.

Whilst those elements play a big part, Choosing the best billboard advertising fonts is just as important as its how consumers get the information about your business.

Best billboard advertising fonts

Size of font on a billboard advert

Billboard advertising messages need to be easy to understand from close up and far away. The bigger the font, the better.  It will give consumers a fighting chance to read your message from a distance.

Commuters are generally travelling at speed when they come into contact with outdoor advertising so their eyes will be drawn more to larger size billboard fonts and have a greater ability to absorb the content.

Think about the style of billboard advertising fonts

There are millions of fonts with all kinds of stylish typography. While these look amazing within a magazine advert, they will not be the right font for your billboard advertising campaign.

Motorists will find them illegible as they drive past and thus not be able to take in your advertising message.

Consider selecting a font that has even thickness and not too thin. This will enhance your messaging.

Try to avoid using ALL CAPITALS and letters that are too close to each other or S P A C E D O U T.


best fonts for billboards

Good billboard advertising fonts

Serif  is a really good font due to their curled features at the end of the letters. This makes it easy for the eyes to transition from one letter to the next one.

easier for the eye to make the transition from a letter to the next one. Usually used in print and online ads.

Some of the other popular fonts are Sans-Serif, Times New Roman, Georgia and Georgia to name a few.

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