Benefits of traditional outdoor advertising

The main benefits of traditional outdoor advertising within the local area

Local businesses and national brands utilise the benefits of traditional outdoor advertising and always recognise the impact on their sales and footfall in the process. Billboards for example have been around for decades and are always included in most advertising campaigns as its such an effective part of any marketing strategy.

Whilst you may notice that big brands shift towards digital outdoor advertising of late there are numerous reasons why local businesses shouldn’t follow suit.

Paper billboards are cheaper, more accessible and not shared with another advertiser. Therefore, Lets take a further look at the main benefits of traditional outdoor advertising

Traditional outdoor advertising billboards are affordable

Whilst digital advertising displays have moved into the forefront of the outdoor advertising world it comes with a high price tag, thus removing the proposition of them for local businesses.

The price of digital prevents SME’s from using this format at all, while the lack of exposure may translate into a lower return on your investment.

However, Traditional outdoor adverts use cheaper materials and allows one advertiser per billboard makes them ideal for smaller businesses who want high impact coverage on a tight budget.

Residents will drive past the same billboard day after day displaying the same advert. This will constantly remind them about your brand which will put you one step ahead of the competition. This will also create a trustworthy bond between you and your target audience.

what are the benefits of traditional outdoor advertising in my area

Traditional outdoor advertising has the benefit of exclusivity 

Digital billboards may look great but the fact of the matter is, your advertising space will be shared with other businesses. You might even share the space with one of your competitors!!!!.  Normally, a digital billboard will deliver 6 advertisers in a minute and passers by could miss your ad completely.

Furthermore, traditional billboard advertising offers exclusivity to individual businesses. Your message will be displayed 24/7 and not shared with anyone else.


building trust through traditional outdoor advertising

Traditional billboards are non-intrusive

Those adverts online are intrusive and annoying. If it bothers you, you can easily block it.

Often, online adverts are in the same positions on multiple sites, like the banner, MPU or leaderboard. Over a period of time consumers will simply ignore them.

Annoying online popups destroy credibility by being associated with negative emotions.

However traditional outdoor advertising doesn’t suffer from these problems. Traditional outdoor adverts strategically located in high-visibility locations will attract consumers when they are at their most alert.

Billboards are an accepted part of life and part of the urban landscape. They don’t annoy anyone, and are generally considered to offer real value, which benefits your brand by lending even more credibility!

Traditional billboard advertising is accessible

Traditional billboards are easy and inexpensive to build, as opposed to digital OOH.

The combination of affordability and prominent locations throughout the UK means that traditional billboards offers a great ROI. A key benefit of traditional outdoor advertising is that its an affordable advertising solution for small businesses.

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Finally, we’ve highlighted some of the main benefits of traditional outdoor advertising. Lets see what your business can achieve with OOH.

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