Benefits Of Advertising On A Billboard

The Benefits Of Advertising On A Billboard

When you think of iconic advertising campaigns, there’s a good chance that you’ll remember seeing them on billboards, one of the main benefits of advertising on a billboard is recall.

Billboards have been around for decades and have since become one of the most recognisable and effective forms of advertising.

While new technologies and interactive digital screens are the latest trends in the outdoor advertising arena, traditional billboards are still a compelling format for advertisers looking to reach consumers out of the home. To that end, here are the main benefits of advertising on a billboard and why they should be included in your next marketing campaign.

What Are The Benefits Of Advertising On A Billboard ?


Maximum Exposure With Little Effort

One of the main benefits of advertising on a billboard is that it provides maximum exposure for a minimal amount of effort.

Advertising on Television and radio requires people to turn them on in order to see and hear the advert. Whilst promoting your business on social media channels would require people to login to their accounts and devices order to see the ads.

However, billboard advertising needs no effort or actions for the consumer to view the adverts that are being displayed.

Your target audience doesn’t need to buy a magazine to see the advert, they don’t need to switch on the TV or radio, and they don’t need to use the internet.

Billboards display your message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week where the consumer doesn’t need to make any actions to view the advert being displayed.

Advantages of digital billboard advertising

Large Advertising Canvas

One of the biggest advantages that billboards have is their size.

Some people believe that billboards don’t engage with consumers as much as dynamic ads like those seen on TV or via social media, but the size of a billboards advertising canvas makes them impossible to ignore.

Unavoidable Advertising On A Billboard

Whether you like it or not, billboards are unavoidable. You have a guaranteed, captive audience due to the advertising display and location of your campaign.

People have a high dwell time when stopped at at a busy traffic light junction and would naturally look at their surroundings. This means that they have plenty of time to absorb the message being displayed on a billboard.

The sheer size and eye-catching nature of billboards means that a persons eyes are naturally drawn to them.

Choice Of Billboard Locations

When it comes to running a successful advertising campaign, Reaching your target audience is key. One of the benefits of advertising on a billboard is that you can choose a location that engages with the relevant people.

A well-placed billboard advert can reach both motorists and pedestrians within your target market. For example, when trying to engage with a young audience, choosing a billboard close to colleges and in cinema foyers would produce positive results.

billboard advertising benefits

Complete Control

Billboard advertising is the only format where the advertiser has complete control over the ad space.

Magazines choose where your ad is placed, TV controls the timing of your commercial, and social media relies on users logging in to their accounts and interacting with devices.

Billboards allow for constant exposure and complete control, and the advertiser is entirely in charge of where they place their ad and how long it stays up.

More Exposure For Your Brand

It might not seem obvious, but one of the benefits of advertising on a billboard is the exposure that they offer.

This is because the average person spends over 70% of their waking life out of the home. That means there’s a good chance that consumers will see your billboard more than once, for instance, twice a day on their trips to and from work, or even multiple times a week. This type of exposure can:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build consumer trust
  • Attract new customers
  • Provide consumers with a visual reference for your business


Cost Effective

There’s never been a better time for businesses to invest in outdoor advertising as it’s more affordable and accessible than ever.

Billboard advertising costs are often perceived to be an expensive format to invest in, and only accessible to big, national brands. This couldn’t be further from the truth and now is the time for businesses of all sizes to utilise this very successful advertising medium due to the cost of billboard advertising being within reach.

Traditional billboards in the UK start from as little as £100+vat per week.

Benefits of outdoor advertising

Increased audience

There’s a great deal of importance to engage with to your target audience, However, billboards offer the opportunity to increase the size of your audience with minimal effort.

No matter the age, gender or race you might be looking to reach, every person who passes your billboard will be exposed to your advertising message.

This is an advantage because brands often cater their advertising to the people that they think are most likely to buy their product without realising that there may be an additional application of their product or service for another group that they hadn’t considered.

Using targeted advertising on social media platforms limits the opportunity for people of all groups to be exposed to your brand.

Billboards may help you find a new customer you never expected to reach, just because they happened to drive past your advert every day on the way to work.

Increase Sales

Perhaps one of a billboards’ greatest assets is their ability to increase sales.

Billboards can increase your sales in a number of ways. While some of their power is derived through prolonged exposure and their ability to reach a diverse audience, their sales power has everything to do with consumer habits:

  • Impulse buying – Billboards play to the habit of impulse purchases, just like the point of sale at the supermarket. And as it turns out, consumers feel particularly impulsive when they’re in their vehicles, with 68% reporting that that’s when they make purchasing decisions.
  • Turnover rate – Billboards offer a high turnover rate when it comes to getting consumers who saw your advert to come and visit your premises. In fact, More than 1/3 of billboard viewers will stop at the shop on their way home because of the advert they’ve seen.


Digital Formats

The outdoor advertising industry is constantly evolving and there’s a lot you can do with various billboard formats to make an impression. Whilst traditional billboards are still effective, The advent of digital billboards provides businesses with more options for compelling and effective messaging.

Digital billboards can be eye-catching to viewers with attractive LED displays, motion, and other features that grab the attention of consumers. These features allow advertisers to advertise in ways that are:

  • Timely – Digital billboards allows advertisers to change their message based on the time of day.
  • Creativity – The possibilities offered by digital billboards can translate to more creative, relevant and unique advertising.
  • Mobile  integration options – Using GPS technology and smart location-based functions known as geofencing, billboards can interact with certain navigation apps, alerting drivers when your business is nearby and even giving them directions to your premises.


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