the average cost of billboard advertising in the UK

The average cost of billboard advertising and factors that affect ad placement prices

Throughout the UK billboard advertising is considered to be one of the best ways to build a brand and promote a business. They are affordable and the average cost of billboard advertising is well within reach for local companies.

Here at Amplify Outdoor, we use our experience when providing our clients with highly competitive quotes.

Some outdoor advertising suppliers who list costs on their website may not be entirely clear with you and transparency is vital when you are assigning your advertising budget. So, we have put together a simple guide to the factors and costs involved when businesses are looking to advertise on billboards.

What affects the average cost of billboard advertising?

The average cost of billboard advertising in the UK varies according to a few key factors: Its location, the size of the advertising space the length of the display period and its viewing clarity.

Let’s look at the specifics of how each of these key factors affect the cost of a billboard advertising campaign.


Location is a major factor when it comes to the cost of renting a billboard. This is due to the fact that location is the main influencer when it comes to who sees your advert and how many people will see it.

Outdoor advertising is normally measured by footfall, impressions, Traffic counts and audience demographic.

Footfall and traffic counts are a measurement for the amount of pedestrian or vehicular traffic that passes an outdoor advertising location. It is used as a guide to the potential success of an advertising location

However, Footfall and traffic counts are not just the measures of an effective billboard advertising location. Impressions is also a key factor as it gauges the number of times a consumer is likely to notice an advert.

So when you are looking to choose a potential advertising location for your business you’ll need to identify somewhere that will gain a lot impressions from your target audience.

For example, Billboard sites located in an affluent area will gain impressions from higher-income audience demographics.

what is The average cost of billboard advertising


It goes without saying, the larger the advertising space, the more it costs to advertise on it.

For Example, a traditional 96-sheet billboard (40ft x 10ft) would cost more to advertise on it as it has the ability to gain more eyeballs and impressions. The 96 sheet also has a large canvas which allows more space to play with when designing the advert and create a greater impact.

Whereas a 6 sheet advertising unit offers a much smaller impact and less room to promote your brand. This option would be much cheaper but also have very little WOW factor.

Another thing to think about is the poster production costs. The larger the billboard the more expensive it is to print the poster.

Clarity of the view

A billboards value can also be justified by the clarity of its view. A great outdoor advertising location has no obstructions blocking the view between the consumer and the advertising message. It is positioned at a good eye level and faces head on to on coming traffic as opposed to parallel to the roadside.

Length of advert display

The display Period is the length of time that a businesses advert is displayed for. The average cost of renting a billboard increases according to the length of time you book it for. So, the longer you advertise, the higher the cost.

Space on billboards are booked for a minimum of 2-weeks. But rates can be reduced if businesses book for longer periods. Billboard advertising in Portsmouth, for example can be booked for £450+vat for a 2 week period but can be as little as £500+vat per month if booked for 12 months.


Additional costs to consider

When booking a  billboard location, it’s important to identify the additional costs required for the poster production, Design and placement of your advert.

Our costs include all of this, but most billboard advertising companies will charge extra for this. It’s important to know what the cost covers. Printing a 48 sheet billboard in the UK costs about £100-£200.

If you haven’t an in-house designer, The cost of creating your advert must be a priority when budgeting for your billboard campaign. It doesn’t matter if you have booked the perfect billboard location if the advert you are displaying doesn’t communicate effectively with your audience. It’s definitely worth using a designer with a lot of experience in creating billboard ads. This can cost from £50-£100 per hour.

Next steps

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