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Why businesses must use advertising out of home

Advertising out of home is the perfect way for businesses to grab the attention of people within the local area when they’re at their most persuadable. That’s why big brands use outdoor advertising religiously year round.

Lets take a look at some of the benefits of advertising this way for your business.

Advertising out of home can target specific locations

Out of home advertising offers businesses flexibility when they are looking to advertise in a specific area in order to engage with their target audience. Billboard advertising delivers a targeted message to a targeted audience.

Outdoor advertising offers an uncluttered environment.

Online and digital advertising is becoming increasingly competitive, annoying and cluttered. Advertising out of home on the other hand offers businesses the opportunity to make a big impact and lasting impression with limited clutter.

Advertising out of home is surprisingly affordability.

Outdoor advertising can fit any budget. There is a wide range of shapes and sizes now affordable to local businesses and SME’s. Billboard advertising costs have been made more accessible over the years to smaller businesses so its not just available to big, national brands anymore.

The benefits of advertising out of home are endless and offers many ways to invest in billboards no matter what your size or objective.

Your business gets repeated exposure.

Consumers spend most of their time out of home these days. So it makes sense to use an advertising format that is capable of interacting with this highly alert and mobile audience. Modern technology removes your customers from most forms of traditional advertising, But out of home is an effective way to engage with the same person multiple times throughout the day.

Out of home works well alongside other advertising mediums.

Outdoor advertising works really well within the media mix.  As an example, you might advertise on TV 3 times a year and on the radio during your sales.  These are great methods of advertising that have a different uses over billboard advertising. However if you use outdoor advertising alongside these formats it will compliment and magnify the effects.

OOH offers your business Frequency and Continuity.

Advertising out of home gives your company numerous exposures to your target audience.

Outdoor advertising is located at point of sale.

The beauty of outdoor advertising is that it has the ability of catching your customer when they are in a buying frame of mind. Target them just before purchasing.  This is why outdoor adverts are so powerful. If you are out spending money, you are more receptive to billboard adverts.

Outdoor advertising creates brand awareness quickly.

Out of home advertising is a pure form of advertising. It has the ability make your business stand out easier and create awareness at a faster rate. This creates impact and fast cut through with short campaigns and better recall to longer campaigns.

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