Advertising in Dorset

Advertising in Dorset

Businesses are sick of spending thousands of pounds on advertising in Dorset that gives them no return.

Are you using the same old credit card sized advert in a local newspaper and magazine?. These often get lost amongst your competitors and editorial?
Your radio jingle starting to get annoying to your potential customers as its been running for so long?

SOLUTION = Billboard advertising in Dorset

Firstly, Billboard advertising is the most cost effective advertising medium out there along with the most welcomed by potential customers in your local area.

Amplify Outdoor have a premium portfolio of billboards situated on the busiest arterial roads, Traffic light junctions, Highly populated areas and suburbs in and around Dorset. Whether you want to attract potential customers to your place of business when they are in a buying frame of mind or reach out to commuters as they are going to work in the morning, Billboards can do just that, In fact 87% of people in Dorset see outdoor advertising every week.

Why billboard advertising in Dorset?

Here is some benefits:-

  • Firstly, Unlike Television, radio or newspapers, billboards cannot be turned off/over or put down, they’re always on delivering your advertising message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Secondly, Grabs the attention of your target audience through high impact like no other form of advertising can.
  • One of the most cost-effective advertising formats in Dorset.
  • Raises brand awareness with strong name recognition.
  • Reaches out to millions of people on a daily basis.
  • Targets a specific audience according to location.
  • Your advert will not get lost in the mix of other advertisers and editorials.
  • Finally, Directs potential clients and customers to your place of business, driving footfall and sales.

Want to know more about the benefits and  how effective outdoor advertising can be for your business?. Please head over to our Why Outdoor page for more information.

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