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Billboards are the most cost effective way to advertise in Christchurch

Advertising in Christchurch engages your business with millions of tourists

Christchurch is a very popular destination for tourists. The area is visited by tourists with a high disposable income and are not afraid to spend to try new things. They frequent local attractions, eat in restaurants, socialise in bars and explore the surroundings. Most of their activities are outdoor and in public places.

When you advertise in Christchurch on billboards you will reach out to them when they are moving around the local area. Your business will engage with a new customer base that will provide you with extra sales and footfall. A great benefit of using billboards to advertise in Christchurch is they can signpost these potential customers to your business who are not afraid to spend.

87% of people in Christchurch see outdoor advertising every week.

Therefore using billboards to advertise in Christchurch must be on your marketing plan. You will engage with a massive, relevant audience in a very cost effective way that doesn’t exceed your budget.

Billboards are now more affordable for local businesses than ever, so now is the time to use them.

Advertise in Christchurch on billboards and interact with the local community

Advertising in Christchurch with billboards can put your business in front of thousands of loyal residents. You can shout out to them and raise awareness of an up and coming event, sale, new product or service. Interact with people as they shop, commute, socialise and generally move around their local area.

Billboards can alter purchasing decisions as well as act as a signpost, directing them to your premises.

You can advertise in Christchurch on our locations which are situated on major arterial roads into and out of the Town and surrounding areas. Your brand and message will have the best possible opportunity to be seen and chosen. Furthermore, residents are more likely to see your billboard advert several times throughout the day giving them a greater memory recall of your message.

Prominent Locations

Competitive Rates

Seamless Booking Process

Local Company

What are the costs like to advertise in Christchurch on billboards?

Businesses are starting to get savvy and looking for new and cost effective ways to advertise in Christchurch so they can get their business and brand noticed by as many people as possible.

Advertising in Christchurch on a billboard is now within reach for companies of all sizes and cheaper than other forms of advertising within the Christchurch area.

We are confident that advertising in Christchurch on billboards will engage with a massive amount of people and produce a great return on investment.

Being local and family run, Amplify Outdoor do not have rate cards like other advertising companies. We offer discounted packages for multiple locations and long term bookings.

Using billboards to advertise in Christchurch will put you in front of millions of tourists and residents 

People spend 70% of their waking life outdoors. Therefore, advertising in Christchurch on billboards is the only way to engage with them as they move around the local area.

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Jenny Pearce
Diverse Abilities


After working with Matt for a few years now, I can honestly say it has been an absolute pleasure. His billboards are in fantastic spots and at very competitive rates, plus his customer service and professionalism is spot on. He always makes sure we receive the best service and the whole process, from booking to delivery, is perfect. I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

Hayley O’Shea
Talbot Heath School


I have worked with Matt for a few years now. His customer service is excellent often going beyond the call of duty. He has some fantastic prime spots at very competitive rates. His poster printing service is very reasonable & makes the whole process of booking & managing outdoor media seamless.

Matthew Lawrence
Urban Guild


We’ve been working with Showcase for a couple of years principally to promote our Christmas parties. As a local business with 4 restaurant and hotel venues in the town it’s great to support another local business and still achieve the reach and exposure that outdoor advertising offers. Matt’s a total pleasure to deal with and I would recommend asking him about your next marketing campaign.

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