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Why does an advertisement on billboards work for SMEs ?

Placing An advertisement on billboards

Do you think that its only big, national brands that can place an advertisement on billboards?. Think again, this very powerful marketing tool is now accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Below is Amplify Outdoor’s top reasons why SMEs should consider putting an advertisement on billboards within their local area.

Engage your brand with larger audiences

Businesses always want to draw as much attention to their brand as possible and not just from their target market. One of the most powerful things about billboard advertising is that it catches everyone’s attention in a particular area.

When you purchase an advert in a glossy magazine, it will only be seen by a certain audience.

Putting your advertisement on billboards near busy traffic light junctions and on the side of major arterial roads will engage with millions of potential customers on a daily basis. Consumers will also have a high dwell time to take the advertising message in due to being static at traffic junctions.

Billboard advertising strengthens your brand

Billboard advertising will build your brand faster than any other advertising medium. Normally, consumers associate an advertisement on billboards with professionalism and trust.

By displaying your colours and logo through billboard advertising, your business will be out in the open on a large scale. This will give people within your local area a greater memory recall of your brand.

Put your business in the driving seat with an advertisement on billboards

When reading the local newspaper, listening to the radio or watching TV, Consumers can decide whether to engage with the adverts or just skip them. This cannot be said for billboard advertising, They are unavoidable, deliver messages 24/7 and simply cannot be turned off.


Generally, people are creatures of habit. They tend to shop when commuting to/from work. You can effectively target this audience through billboard advertising, highlighting your product and signposting them to your premises.

Frequency on viewing

By placing an advertisement on billboards situated on primary routes, it will result in multiple exposures of the message by the same person throughout the day.

A consumer seeing it your message several times a day as they move around their local area will give them a much greater memory recall.

Finally, We hope that you found this post insightful. If you would like to know more about placing an advertisement on billboards please get in touch with us.

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