How to advertise in Brighton

Where can your business advertise in Brighton?

Is your business thinking about different ways to advertise in Brighton?. Before you do anything else, please read more info about billboard advertising and the benefits.

Brighton, on the South Coast makes up half the city of Brighton & Hove. The City, dates back to before the Domesday Book but was first popularised by the Prince Regent as a popular seaside getaway.
Brighton is a favoured destination for day trippers and tourists which also boasts a loyal population of over 150,000.

Having an understanding of who your target audience when you advertise in Brighton will help you boost sales. Have a look through our breakdown of Brighton’s demographics.

Advertise in Brighton to engage with tourists

Brighton is a very popular tourism destination, The city has over six million visitors every year. Popular destinations include the famous Brighton Pier, Marina, the seafront and the indy shops. Furthermore, There are a multitude of late bars, Restaurants and nightclubs. With so much passing traffic and high footfall areas, Billboards are great when you  want to look at reaching out to them.

The local population

Brighton has a rapidly growing population. There is an even split between males and females. The average age is 37 years old with the median at a slightly lower 35.

Advertise to Students

Brighton has two universities – the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex. Both of these have campuses just outside the City. Combined, these universities bring in 4,000 new students annually.

When you advertise in Brighton on billboards, you will reach commuters

Several major companies offices in Brighton. These include American Express, The QS Group and Drake Holdings. Additionally, London is close by. Brighton serves as a major commuter hub for the capital.

Advertising on billboards in Brighton

Billboard advertising can help your business stand out in Brighton as it will promote it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Over a two week period, Our billboards in Brighton will reach over 93% of all adults and deliver over 15.8 million impacts. (impacts = total number of times the campaign will be seen)

Furthermore, Amplify have a variety of locations in high impact areas. If you would like a list of locations, please get in touch on 01202 670687

The costs to advertise in Brighton on billboards

There’s a simple calculation that determines the cost of billboard advertising in Brighton.

These include:

  1. Size of the billboard. – The Bigger the ad space the more you pay. For more information about posters sizes in general, read here.
  2. Amount of billboards – The number of locations that you want to book. We often recommend that you take a number of sites as this will increase the “opportunities to see” your advert.
  3. Campaign length – this is basically how long you want your campaign to run for. Most billboard and poster campaigns run for a minimum of 2 weeks although we often suggest longer cycles than this for better results.




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