advantages of outdoor advertising

Advantages of outdoor advertising for SME’S

There are so many advantages of outdoor advertising for small to medium size businesses. Companies who use or have used outdoor advertising in the past understand the advantages. It has a great impact and return on investment it can achieve.

A truly cost effective advertising format that has been around for decades serving local businesses and national brands. It allows businesses the mouth piece to engage a massive relevant audience.

Below we look at some of the main advantages of outdoor advertising for small businesses. Why you should choose billboards everyday over other advertising mediums in their area.

  • Increases brand awareness

Firstly, As consumers go about their everyday lives moving around the local area, One of the big advantages of outdoor advertising is that it has the ability to engage with this mobile and very alert audience. Most consumers will drive past the advertising message several times throughout the day giving them a greater memory recall of the brand and businesses advertising message.

  • Outdoor advertising is surprisingly affordable

Secondly, Small businesses often think that outdoor advertising is out of reach for their business and budget, but this definitely isn’t the case. We at Amplify Outdoor believe that billboard prices should be affordable to businesses of all sizes and not just big, national brands.

Furthermore, We do not have rate cards like other outdoor advertising providers and we are in a position to offer packages and discounts for multiple locations and  booking billboards on a longer term.

  • Immerses consumers into your company

Outdoor advertising delivers important information about your business in a high impact way. It engages potential customers as they go about their everyday lives. If you want to promote a new product, outdoor advertising is an ideal way to broadcast the information to keep customers informed.


  • Targets a specific audience based on location

One of the main advantages of outdoor advertising is that billboards make it extremely easy to target a specific audience at a specific location.

For example – Promoting a college open day outside a school or a engaging a shopper near point of sale.

We have a software tool that understands the demographic of a particular area. This makes it easier to  choose the right billboard location(s). This also allows you to reach your target audience with no wastage. It encourages potential customers into spending money with you when in a buying frame of mind.

  • Outdoor advertising cannot be avoided

Unlike radio and TV, outdoor advertising can’t be switched over or turned off by the flick of a switch. It’s always there; consumers can’t avoid it. Furthermore, A creative advert can subconsciously leave ideas and memories in the consumers minds.

  • Outdoor attracts attention

Outdoor advertising can be positioned in shopping centres, on busy arterial roads, and highly populated areas – places where people spend a lot of time.

In Addition, The sheer size of outdoor advertising formats, businesses have the opportunity to make a massive impact within their local area.

There are so many advantages of outdoor advertising

These are a few advantages of outdoor advertising and the list is endless. It can put you business and brand in the spotlight and engage with millions of potential customers every month.

Imagine what billboards can do for your sales and footfall??

Finally, Please feel free to contact us today about the advantages of outdoor advertising. We can talk through costs, availability and the easy process of getting your company in front of millions.

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