96 sheet poster

96 sheet poster – The ultimate advertising canvas

96 sheet poster, what is it?

The 96 sheet poster has a size of 40ft x 10ft. Furthermore, It is the largest billboard advertising display intended for viewing from extended distances and twice as large as a 48 sheet. The 96 sheet specs are perfect for building brand fame for your business within the local area whilst adding prestige.

This size has a massive impact within the urban landscape and are most often found near main arterial roads and high traffic areas.

Our portfolio of 96 sheets throughout the South can put your message in the heart of Towns, Cities and Counties.  It gives you a cost effective coverage reaching millions of potential customers.

96 sheet specs and sizes

  • A 96 sheet size – 3048mm x 12192mm.
  • Safe copy area of 2848mm x 11992mm must be observed.
  • Files supplied as a high-resolution pdf.
  • Artwork set to 25% of full size.
  • Colours should be CMYK.
  • Use vector text so that it is crisp when scaled up for printing.
  • The recommended size of images should be a minimum of 300 dpi.
If you have any questions with regards to the 96 sheet specs, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team.

How much does a 96 sheet poster cost?

Companies often think that 96 sheet poster advertising is an expensive format to invest in. Local businesses often feel it’s only available to big, national brands.

This couldn’t be further from the truth and now is the time for marketing budgets of all sizes to utilise the 96 sheet poster specs due to the cost now being within their reach.

The cost of a 96 sheet is around £550+vat for a two week period and we also offer great discounts for longer term and multiple locations bookings.

96 sheet poster cost comparison against other forms of advertising?

Local newspapers – One page for one day – £500

Radio – between £1400-£5000 per month

Online advertising – Between £1000-£3000 for 100,000 impressions

1 x 96 sheet (40ft x 10ft) for a 2 week period with over a million vehicles passing by  –£550+vat

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