48 sheet billboard costs

48 sheet billboard costs

48 sheet size billboard locations that are affordable to local businesses around the UK

Amplify is an independent out of home company who offers affordable 48 sheet billboard costs.

We can put your business in front of millions of potential customers from £100 per week.

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48 sheet billboard costs are well within reach

48 sheet billboard costs are often perceived to be too expensive for local businesses to use, and only accessible to big, national brands. This couldn’t be further from the truth and now is the best time for businesses of all sizes to utilise them as the cost of billboard advertising is well within reach.

Traditional billboards in the UK are now more accessible and cost-effective than ever before. A 48 sheet billboard starts from as little as £100+vat per week.

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Affordable to local businesses

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A 48 sheet billboard costs less than you think

The cost of a 48 sheet billboard

48 sheet billboards are 20ft x 10ft in size. The most popular and used outdoor advertising format within the UK.

Billboard advertising is a proven way to successfully promote your business in the UK.  Outdoor advertising is also seen by 98% of the UK population each and every week.

A 48 sheet billboard is not as expensive as you think starts from as little as £100+vat per week. You can also secure greater discounts by booking a location for a long term or using multiple locations. This will make your marketing budget go an awful lot further.


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Traditional 48 sheet billboard costs V’s Digital

With the increase of digital billboards in recent years it’s important to compare it with the cost of traditional 48 sheet billboards.

Digital 48 sheet billboards can be costly and out of reach to most small businesses. As far as traditional billboards go, the tariff is more affordable along with much greater benefits.

  • Paper billboards offer exclusivity 
    When advertising on digital billboards, you will be sharing the space with a minimum of 5 other advertisers. This will only give you 10 seconds coverage each minute. Whereas traditional 48 sheet billboards can be secured exclusively giving you solus advertising and maximum exposure.
  • Traditional billboard advertising costs are within reach –
    A 48 sheet billboard costs around £350 for a 2 week slot. The cost of digital billboard advertising is around £1000 per 2 weeks with 10 seconds display every minute.This offers no exclusivity unlike traditional billboards.
  • Advert transition 
    Digital runs the risk of consumers missing your message as they’re unable to read it fast enough before it changes.Traditional billboard are quite the opposite. Your business is the only one that is displayed and doesn’t get replaced by another advertiser after a few seconds.

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