Who do you reach with outdoor advertising

Who do you reach with outdoor advertising?

A couple of decades ago, the average person saw a couple of hundred adverts a day. Now, it’s more like a couple of thousand. On the TV, on our mobile phones, laptops, radios, supermarkets – adverts are everywhere! But they don’t have as much impact as the power of outdoor advertising.

Billboard advertising demands attention due to its scale, creative and colour. Transport advertising catches the consumers eye as they go about their day. Furthermore, strategically placed 48 sheets close to point of sale alters buying decisions.

So,Who do you reach with outdoor advertising?

To get noticed, your business has to gain attention, but there’s a fine line between interrupting your customer and engaging with.

When businesses are looking to use outdoor advertising, they can be reassured by A 2017 study by Neilson .

Over half of consumers (51%) noticed a poster in the last month, and 50% said they were highly engaged with the messages they portrayed.

If you’re a commuter, sitting idle at a traffic light junction, you’re more likely to engage and interact with an outdoor advert. Lets take a look at the demographics who engage with the various forms of out-of-home advertising.


Commuters are aged between 18-44-years. This is great as this is the demographic who are most engaged with outdoor advertising.

A great benefit of OOH is that you can pick specific geographic locations in order to to get maximum responses from your target audience.

Within a daily commute, especially on the way to and from work, there are so many opportunities to capture the attention of this highly alert audience. You can choose locations near the transport hubs and at the roadside near busy junctions.

A recent Department for Transport study showed that 69% of UK commuters travel to work by car. Therefore, advertising on billboards at a really busy roadside is a must.

audiences reached with outdoor advertising

Young people and millennials

Brands and businesses put a lot of research and effort into trying to get the the right messages across that will engage with the young audience. This audience is most definitely susceptible to most outdoor advertising formats.

This demographic mainly has technology at their fingertips leads and constantly exposed to online adverts that are not very trusting. Pop ups and banner ads are definitely not the right way to get this audience to engage with your brand.

That’s where outdoor advertising helps you to engage with a hard to reach audience. Billboards offer fantastic message cut-through and with a creative OOH advertising campaign, you can get people talking.

Mixing traditional outdoor advertising with online digital like hashtags and social media will ensure your campaign can have a real impact.


When you think of outdoor advertising and shopping, your automatically think about advertising at point of sale or on the high street. However, There are many solutions that engage with shoppers as they travel to their destination.

Around 8 million people visit shopping centre in the UK every week. That means advertisers can engage with this captive audience who are in a buying frame of mind.

Not only do billboards and other out of home formats make an impact, but they are also an incredibly cost-effective way of advertising.

reaching audiences with outdoor advertising

Who do you reach with outdoor advertising?

Thats whats so great about outdoor advertising, you can reach a huge spectrum of people with your messages. You can also share updates about your business, community events and information as well as deals, products and brands.

If you know exactly who your target audience is, you can easily pick billboards on roads and routes that will engage with them.

Outdoor advertising also works extremely well alongside other advertising mediums. If you’re not sure where to start with targeting your audience, whether it’s budget or format – just get in touch us on matt@amplifyoutdoor.co.uk, and we will gladly help you out.

Its a matter of fact that outdoor advertising has no limits when it comes to targeting people through channels like billboards or buses.

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