What are the benefits of outdoor billboard advertising

What is outdoor billboard advertising

Outdoor billboard advertising is the type of marketing that uses large billboards to display information about a company, their products and services they offer. Outdoor billboard advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising in the UK.

What are the benefits of billboard advertising?

  • It encourages the user of a billboard to be more creative. There’s lots of competitors out there. Therefore, Businesses are thinking of unique ideas on how to engage with consumers. Billboard advertising is visual and eye-catching.
  • People cannot avoid seeing a billboard. They are everywhere and cannot be turned off.
  • The technology evolving within the outdoor billboard advertising industry. Advertisers can upload different messages within seconds to prominent digital screens.
  • Creating a billboard exposes a company to millions of highly alert people.

What is outdoor billboard advertising


What are the different types of outdoor billboards?

  • 6 Sheet advertising – These are the smallest outdoor billboards. Their dimensions are 1.8 metres by 1.2 metres.
  • 16 Sheet Billboards – These billboards are 3.048 metres by 2.032 metres in size. Furthermore, This billboard is used to attract the attention of consumers and convert them into customers.
  • 48 Sheet Billboards – The most commonly used outdoor billboard advertising format. Situated at the roadside. Finally it has a size of 3.048 metres by 6.096 metres.
  • 96 Sheet Billboards – Double the size of a 48 sheet with double the impact. A whooping 40ft x 10ft.

How much does billboard advertising cost?

The cost of a billboard depends on how several factors. For example – Size, location and format. Digital billboards are more expensive than traditional ones. Traditional billboards are around £350+vat for 2 weeks whilst DOOH is in the region of £1500+vat for the same period.

What are the costs of outdoor billboard advertising


Tips for getting results from Billboard Advertising?

Target your audience

Before creating the billboard advert, think about the audience who will be seeing your message. You need to imagine how they will respond to an advertisement and the reaction generated by the billboard must be positive.

Avoid boring adverts

People hate boring billboard adverts, Trust us, your audience will ignore it. A good billboard should tap into their imagination. Furthermore, There should be a call to action displayed prominently. It will encourage people to make a positive action towards your business.

Make your outdoor billboard eligible

The message and text on a billboard should be large enough to be seen from a distance. Make sure that the font and its size is eligible.

Write short messages

If you will be creating an outdoor billboard advert use a maximum of 10 words. The message should be clear and concise. The main audience that engages with outdoor billboard advertising is the motorist. This means that they’ll have only a few seconds absorb the advertisement’s message. Few drivers will take their eyes off of the road long enough to read more than a couple words on a billboard. Use images to get your message across.

Use high-resolution images

High-resolution images have a minimum resolution of 300 pixels per inch. Using images with lower resolution would result in blurry or pixelated images and this will have a negative impact on your creative.

While words on a billboard can grab the attention of onlookers, visuals make a greater impact. Carefully choose bold images that clearly illustrates your products and service.

Add contact information on the billboard

The contact details of your business should always be on your outdoor billboard. It would increase the chances of potential customers getting in touch with you.

Colors and Contrast

Make sure that the colours you use are complementary to each other. Some colour combinations can be unreadable. Furthermore, Always stick with the colours and branding of the other marketing that you are using.

outdoor advertising on billboards


What is outdoor billboard advertising and the the elements of an Effective advert?


Less is more

A billboard that has a lot of white space is more effective when it comes to conveying a message. People will be confused if they see a lot of colours on a billboard. Therefore, you could consider creating an advertisement with a white background. Use highlighted text and striking images.

Short and effective messages

An outdoor billboard should have a short and effective message. Think of a memorable line or slogan that can get be easily recalled. It should be catchy so that consumers will remember it.

Call to action

For billboards to become more effective, a call to action should be included. You can add telephone numbers, websites, or social media accounts.


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