What kind of information should a business put on a billboard

What information should be on billboard?

You’ve found that perfect billboard location for your business so now you need to establish what information should be on a billboard. In order for consumers to engage with your message and most importantly, remembered, you need to follow these simple rules.

Outdoor advertising has always been at the forefront of many national marketing campaigns, It’s also becoming increasingly popular among small businesses. So whether it is Coca-Cola or John Davies conservatories advertising it is important that the information on a billboard is straightforward enough, so it can reach your audience in the right way.

Here are a few ideas to consider when identifying as to what information should be on a billboard. This will make sure that your advert has the highest chance of success and ROI.

The design of your billboard advert

We know through research that the average attention span of somebody passing a billboard is around 2-3 seconds. Billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising are all competing with to win people’s attention in a short space of time.

Therefore, you should not promote your business or product with an overly complicated design, illegible fonts or irrelevant pictures. You want your potential customers to remember your brand with relevant images, strong call to actions and catchy slogans.

Always aim to strike a balance between the numerous elements within of your billboard. Anything that is too colourful, crammed or hard to understand at a glance is less likely to be successful in grabbing people’s attention. In other words, keep it simple!

What information should be on billboard

Typography and text

It goes without saying that the most important rule is being able to understand the text within your billboard advert from short and long range.

What makes a good font?

Even though they can look vastly different from each other, the best typefaces have a lot of the same things in common. These include even kerning, Consistency, Balance and Legibility.

What makes a font bad?

There are lots of ways a font can be bad. Many popular fonts have been overused to exhaustion. Fonts that don’t mesh with our internal understanding of balance also read as ugly. Still more fonts don’t work because they have too much going on to be legible.

Fancy typography won’t make your ad more artsy, it would merely make your audience tune out. Commuters don’t have much time to decipher your message, they have to catch it whilst on the move. Through experience we would suggest using either Verdana or Arial. Depending on the overall artwork, Times New Roman could also be a good choice.

A really bad font to use within your outdoor advertising campaign would be Comic Sans. This will also make you look unprofessional and hard for the eye to scan. Keep your typography clear cut, so that your message gets through easily – express your creative side via images and catchy slogans.

Use wit, but don’t be too clever

Most businesses don’t want their billboard adverts to be boring or dull. It’s strongly advised to experiment when designing your ad.

However, Don’t overdo it and make sure you do not confuse your target audience. You want to create an advert that is smart enough to grab people’s attention quickly and make a long lasting impression. You don’t want consumers to see your billboard, scratch their heads in wonder and think what the hell is going on.

Furthermore, Chances are they won’t notice it and completely ignore your creative. With outdoor advertising campaigns you need to be straightforward, even at the expense of sounding dull. After all, you want people to remember your brand and business.

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