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What Are The Best Out Of Home Advertising Locations

There are many decisions that you’ll have to make when establishing what the best out of home advertising locations are for your needs. In addition to it’s location, you’ll also have to consider which size and type of billboard would be most effective. Each of these factors will play a role in determining the prime location for your billboard. So lets have a look at the factors involved in greater detail.

Billboard Placement: Why Location is So Critical

You’ve heard it before: “location, location, location.”

Choosing where to place your billboard is one of the most important decisions you’ll make regarding your outdoor advertising campaign, and there are many factors to consider in deciding on an optimal location.

Make sure you take each of the following into account when choosing a location for your next billboard.

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As with any advertising campaign, the first thing to consider when finding the best out of home advertising location is the demographics of your target audience. The reality is that every company has a target demographic, or group of people, that make up the majority of its customers, and those are the people you should be trying to engage with your message.

Knowledge about your target audience should include demographic information like age, gender, education, relationship status, and income level. This information will help you determine where to place your outdoor advertising message.

For example, if you’re looking to reach out to motorists, you might consider placing a message on a billboard at the roadside or a busy traffic light junction. If your target audience is young adults, consider advertising near to a college or university.

Traffic Count

Naturally, you want your out of home advertising location to reach as many people as possible, so knowing the traffic counts of roads is very important. High traffic areas, including junctions with static traffic that create long wait times, provide a captive audience that is bound to spend a long time looking at your advertisement.

Traffic counts for local roads are often available through the UK department for transportation websites.

What Are The Best Out Of Home Advertising Locations



Visibility is critical in ensuring that your advertising message is easily absorbed by the passing consumer. It’s important to consider the alignment and height of the billboard when deciding on a location. The topography of the land, obstructions like trees lampposts and nearby buildings all play a role in the length of time that a billboard is visible.

Billboards should be clearly aligned to face head on to oncoming traffic and should not be parallel to the roadside. The passing viewer wouldn’t have time to look in an awkward direction.

The best out of home advertising locations are placed at a clearly readable height within the driver’s frame of a vision. If the billboard is placed too high, it will not be visible for long.

Commercial or residential location

A commercial or residential out of home advertising location will play a major role in the audience who views your message. Commercial areas may see a larger mix of people since both employees and customers will frequent the areas, while residential areas are typically limited to the people who live there.


Many local business owners achieve great success by using an out of home advertising location close to their premises. This is a great way to signpost potential customers within the immediate vicinity that would make impulse purchases.

If your main aim from your campaign is to attract local customers, then it wouldn’t make sense to advertise in a different County or Town.

On the other hand, If a business is looking to find new customers from a larger radius, Using multiple out of home locations in several Counties and Towns will do the job.

Out Of Home Advertising Locations


Campaign Intent

Consider the goal and what you want to get out of your out of home campaign when you are choosing locations.

You want to reach people when they are making decisions, that could mean using a billboard at the roadside close to your place of business and pointing people in the direction of your premises.

If you want to encourage people to shop at your business rather than a competitor, you might consider placing your advertisement near to them.

If the intent of your campaign is simply to increase brand awareness, you may want to implement a long term campaign or one that utilises multiple locations in order to get your brand permanently etched into the minds of people within the area.


The size of the billboard that you choose to use will affect the locations available for advertising.

It stands to reason that a massive billboard may not be available in a small town but a bus stop might. Similarly, a small bus stop would not be visible to drivers passing by at 70 miles per hour.

There are several sizes of billboards, each with its own unique purpose and advantages.


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