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Why you should utilise outdoor advertising for your business

Even though digital advertising is growing rapidly, offline marketing is and always has been very popular with marketeers especially when they utilise outdoor advertising.

We know that around 20% of UK entrepreneurs are increasing their offline marketing spend in 2019. Savvy businesses are looking to effectively engage with potential customers who are resistant to online advertising in this annoying and saturated market.

Outdoor advertising is a very viable proposition these days due to the likes of billboard advertising being cheaper and capable of delivering hundreds of thousands of eyeballs on a brand and message.


Paper and paste billboards allow businesses to use strategic locations affordably. The right creative messaging has a positive impact in the minds of targeted consumers.

A key stat to know is that when you utilise outdoor advertising and billboards, they drive around 22% of all online search interactions.

Through research we also know that people spend 70% of their time out of the home. Using a selection of prominent billboard locations near the roadside will enable businesses to engage with the local community.

This form of mass market advertising is very affordable and cost effective. Furthermore,  2 week billboard advertising location can cost as little as £350 per 2 weeks.

When you consider all the facts and figures above and that 74% of consumers say that they are most engaged by adverts that are in relevant locations. Its a no brainer that outdoor advertising is a most for local businesses of all sizes.

How is outdoor advertising evolving?

With outdoor  being one of the oldest methods of advertising. It may seem bizarre that it’s more valuable and important today than ever.

The key factor for this is digital outdoor advertising.  This new capability  offers greater effectiveness to the advertiser and is driving nearly all of the growth in the industry. Digital outdoor advertising offers High quality displays, movement and delivers an advertising message with greater ease.

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