Outdoor advertising rates

Using outdoor advertising in your marketing plan

We consume out of home advertising messages every day when we step outside but as a business using outdoor advertising is getting harder to grab the attention of your potential customer.

It is said that we as a consumer see hundreds of out of home adverts every day, even more if you live and work in a big City like London.

So, I’m order to get your advertising message noticed you must do it the correct way. failing to follow the right outdoor advertising step is simply a waste of your time and marketing budget.

What is out of home advertising?

Outdoor advertising with is also referred to as out-of-home (OOH) advertising is a term that describes  any forms of advertising that reaches people when they are outside of the home.

Outdoor is a mass market advertising medium like TV, radio and cinema advertising. For this reason, it is best used for brand awareness campaigns.

Types of Outdoor Ads

Outdoor advertising has been used by the biggest brands for decades and is a staple within the media mix. This is because it reaches hundreds of thousands of pedestrians and motorists in a very quick and impactful way.

The most common types of outdoor advertising include:

  • Billboard advertising – 48 sheet, 96 sheet and Digital billboards.
  • Point of sale
  • Street furniture – bus stops, benches, toilets and telephone kiosks.
  • Transport –  taxis, buses, trains, the underground and train stations.
  • Mobile advan billboards.

To name a few.

In the past, billboard advertising was an effective way to build brand awareness. It was not possible to deliver complex advertising messages due to the limited time that people see it.

However, with the incorporation of digital technology, outdoor advertising can now drive traffic to information instantly. With the use of QR codes, websites, apps and social media, out of home advertising can start conversations with consumers.

Outdoor advertising costs

Most forms of mass market advertising like TV and radio aren’t cheap. However outdoor advertising costs cheaper per thousand than any other format.

To understand the costs involved, it’s important to know how they are calculated. This can be found in greater detail on our billboard advertising costs page.

Tips for using outdoor advertising successfully

To ensure you are making the most from your outdoor advertising budget, you need to use careful planning and precision. We live in a digital world with devices and smartphones, so their attention is drawn into these. You need to create something that attracts their valuable attention.

  • Use locations with high traffic counts. The key to using outdoor successfully is getting as many eyeballs on your message as possible. It’s far better to do one site that will get a million views, than five sites that will get 400,000 views.
  • Less is More: An outdoor advert has a small window of opportunity to get noticed. You do not want to use lots of text and calls to action. Keep it simple, with up to 10 words few words and use images to portray your message.

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