what are the types of out of home advertising

Different types of out of home advertising

Whether we are commuting to work, socialising or out shopping we will certainly come in contact with so many different types of out of home advertising. Outdoor advertising comes in all shapes and sizes, it has the ability to reach a demographic in a desired location at an exact time.

A lot of advertising these days is easy to switch off or turn over, especially formats like TV, Radio and newspapers. Many types of out of home advertising has the ability to engage with millions of potential customers to generate extra sales. This is because they display your message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and cannot be turned off.

The billboard is just one of the many types of out of home advertising formats. We will be looking at some of the most popular billboard advertising sizes and the factors involved.

Types of out of home advertising : Billboards

Billboard advertising is one of the most successful out of home formats. These large structures have been used since the early 19th century. It has remained one of the most favoured forms of outdoor advertising ever since.

Billboards offer businesses flexibility and are available in all sizes in order to suit every budget. They are often situated along roadsides, busy traffic junctions and in proximity to areas of high footfall.

Out of home advertising comes in a variety of formats. They come in all shapes and sizes, and as such, the types of billboards available include:

6 sheet

6 sheets reach out at point of sale altering pedestrians and shoppers buying decisions. They are bespoke, illuminated and high end out of home advertising units.

48 sheet

The 48 sheet poster is one of the most popular types of out of home advertising. It is favoured by national brands and local companies. Due to the high impact of this billboard it can be seen from extended distances.

Out of home advertising sizes

96 sheet

The 96 sheet out of home advertising format is double the size of the 48 sheet billboard. It’s the largest roadside display and perfect for viewing from near to extended distances. 96 sheet’s are perfect for brand building within the local area and adding prestige.

This size has a massive impact within the urban landscape and are most often found near main arterial roads and high traffic areas.

Digital billboards

Digital is one of the latest types of out of home advertising. DOOH has been hailed as the future of outdoor. The industry has seen a lot of growth over the last decade and with recent advances in digital technology, DOOH is predicted to transform the face of out of home advertising.

The Advertising Association reported that DOOH accounted for over a third of all UK Out-of-Home adspend during the first part of 2016. PwC also predict that DOOH will grow 15% per annum.

types of digital out of home advertising

The Piccadilly Lights : One of the most iconic types of out of home advertising.

Types of out of home advertising : A comparison

Therefore, with the rise of digital it’s important to compare it with traditional types of out of home advertising.

DOOH can be costly and out of budget for most small businesses. As far as traditional types of out of home advertising goes, the charge is much more affordable along with greater benefits.

  • Traditional billboards offer exclusivity – When using digital billboards, you will be sharing the space with a minimum of 5 other advertisers. This will only give you 10 seconds of promotion every minute. Whereas traditional billboards are exclusive, solus giving you maximum exposure.
  • Traditional types of out of home advertising costs are within reach – When advertising on DOOH you would expect to pay around £1400 for a 2 week slot that gives you 1/6th of the coverage. Billboard advertising costs are more affordable as you would expect to pay £350 per 2 weeks which also allows exclusivity.
  • Advert transition – DOOH runs the risk of people missing your message as they’re unable to read it fast enough before it changes. When advertising on a traditional billboard, Your business will be the only one that is displayed and wont get replaced by another advertiser after a few seconds.

How much do these types of out of home advertising cost?

The cost of an out of home advertising campaign depends on many variants. Location, size, production to name a few. Prices also vary between digital and traditional billboards, Prices are usually based on a two week booking period.

Normally, a two week booking on a traditional 48 sheet billboard will cost around £350, which doesn’t include the production of your poster. In contrast, a two-week booking on DOOH will cost in the region of £1400. Iconic digital locations such as Piccadilly lights that produce the highest of footfalls will come at an even greater premium.

In summary… There are so many types of out of home advertising that are affordable for businesses of all sizes. If you would like to know more about planning an Out of home advertising campaign please get in touch.

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