successful billboard advertising

Guide to successful billboard advertising

Step outside of the home and you’re immediately exposed to a variety of successful billboard advertising campaigns. These appear on formats ranging from bus stops to massive roadside billboards.

Have you ever thought about using outdoor advertising for your business? Find out if its the right medium for you by reading our guide to successful billboard advertising.

What is Outdoor and billboard advertising?

Outdoor advertising is a form of advertising that reaches people when they are outside of their homes. It is more cost effective than broadcast, print or online advertising. It reaches people as they are on the go, moving around their local area.

Outdoor Advertising has the ability to be flexible as it can be tailored to reach a specific demographic. Businesses of all sectors can therefore use this high impact advertising medium to promote their message across a variety of outdoor formats:

  • Billboards – Traditional and digital found at the roadside

  • Street Furniture – bus shelters and telephone booths

  • Transit Advertising – Public transport and taxis

Why should you use successful billboard advertising?

In modern times with the internet, it’s never been harder to grab the attention of consumers. Large amounts of information is being thrown at them everyday via different forms. This makes people think carefully about what pieces of information they process.

A billboard advertising message placed in a strategic location engages with thousands of potential customers in a non-intrusive manner. It also projects your businesses profile 24 hours a day in an efficient way.

Successful billboard advertising is an effective way to reach new customers because it cannot be skipped or turned off.  You can take advantage of the time people spend waiting in traffic in order to advertise your business.

How do I go about booking a billboard campaign?

billboard advertising campaign is flexible and easy to create. It requires little editorial efforts. You don’t need big budgets anymore to utilise this high impact form of advertising.

With Amplify Outdoor you can buy billboards in the exact locations, They also come at a very affordable cost.

If you have never used this form of advertising before, then fear not. Our aim is to simplify the process along with it being really affordable. In order to achieve a successful billboard advertising campaign you need to follow these steps:-

  • Define your audience, so you know where is the best place to put your message

  • Choose the right size billboard for your message – (eg) 48 sheet96 sheet.

  • Create message – So it engages with your key demographic.

  • Book the dates with us.

If you would like us to talk you though the ways to create a successful campaign please feel free to get in touch with us.

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