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The benefits of roadside advertising

Roadside advertising is one of the oldest methods to promote a business. Billboards have been used for decades, Most importantly, Its still as effective in these modern times. Outdoor advertising consistently sees growth year on year.

Below are some of the benefits of roadside advertising and why billboards should be in every marketing strategy.

24/7 exposure

Firstly, Roadside advertising has the unique ability to offer companies 24/7 exposure of their brand to consumers. Billboard advertising messages are consistent and non stop. Furthermore, They are always displaying to potential customers night and day, rain and shine.

Outdoor advertising cannot be switched off or turned over unlike radio, television and newspapers. These format are momentary and sporadic.

roadside advertising

Its a great idea to invest in roadside advertising.

Roadside advertising is one of the most cost efficient ways to reach mass market. Furthermore, this type of outdoor advertising costs around :-

  • 80% less than TV.
  • 60% less than print.
  • 50% less than radio.

Furthermore, Due to the flexibility of Outdoor it can be incorporated into a marketing plan. When combined with TV, radio and print it can produce fantastic results. Outdoor advertising agencies work closely with media advertising agencies to produce the most effective campaigns for national brands.

Its an attention grabber.

When consumers are out and about their attention will be naturally drawn to a message on a roadside billboard. Stuck in a traffic jam or at busy traffic lights , most individuals will be looking at a bold billboard to pass the time. Therefore, using a billboard in these high profile locations is the perfect way to engage with this highly alert audience.

Why use roadside advertising

Roadside advertising is flexible.

Your message can be placed in any areas of choosing to ensure a businesses message will be delivered to your demographic.

For example, a dealership selling high end vehicles, would look to place an advert in an affluent area. A local hairdresser could use billboard advertising close to their premises to signpost potential customers to them.

In Summary….

Roadside has benefits over most forms of advertising. Its the most cost effective as well as the most flexible. Roadside advertising is a great addition to a marketing campaign. Furthermore, adverts can be located in multiple positions to target a specific area or left in one location for brand building. Outdoor advertising is not only flexible, but it can reach a massive audience in a short space of time.

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