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4 reasons to use outdoor adverts

Small businesses are constantly looking for ways to gain an edge over their competitors and take their brand to the next level, In this post we show you why outdoor adverts can help with this.

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons to use outdoor adverting to knock your competition out of the water.

Outdoor adverts cut through the clutter

Despite digital online being a dominant way of getting information about businesses and brands, people are spending more and more time out of the home and when we see outdoor advertising it often has a much greater impact on our consciousness than an annoying online pop up.

Online advertising is very over saturated and un-welcomed by consumers. This means it will be hard for your brand to stand out. You will also have potential customers relating your business to the annoying adverts they see whilst searching. When people see outdoor adverts, on the other hand, they pay attention and remember the message.

As a small business, you need to find ways to cut through the clutter, especially within a saturated advertising environment. Outdoor advertising is the perfect way to do this. And, unlike other advertising mediums, audiences cannot change the channel or switch it off.

Outdoor adverts boost your profile

Billboards add prestige to your business and you will become trusted within the local community.

Outdoor advertising creates legitimacy in the consumers minds. The fact that your business and brand will be displayed on high impact outdoor advertising sites will send a message to your customers that your brand is legit and trustworthy to deal with.

If a potential customer drives past your outdoor advert every time they commute to work they will develop confidence in your business.

Outdoor advertising is very affordable

A lot of businesses, both small and new, tend to be wary of using outdoor adverts because they feel the costs are out of their reach. But it is actually really affordable for companies of all sizes.

You can rent  a 48 sheet billboard in Poole, Dorset from £100 per week. Alternatively, you can buy a 96 sheet billboard (40ft x 10ft) from £150 per week.

Outdoor adverts place you at the heart of your community

You may be a small business that wants to use outdoor adverts close by to your store to sign post customers to you. Outdoor adverts can immediately put your brand where it needs to be, highlighting people in the vicinity of your whereabouts.

No matter what the demographic is of your target audience, Outdoor adverts reach out and engage to them all. If you sell products that appeal to an affluent market, Use outdoor advertising space in high-income areas.  If  your products are aimed at people on a budget, use outdoor adverts in suburbs, student areas. Different types of outdoor advertising will work effectively.

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