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Amplify Outdoor are local poster advertising company specialists. Our portfolio of billboards are in the most prominent positions within your local area. Outdoor is an advertising format thats now affordable and accessible to SME’s within the local area.

What is a poster?

A poster is printed paper designed to be attached to a surface. Furthermore, Posters include both text and images.

They are designed to be both eye-catching and informative with a call to action. Posters are used for many purposes and frequently used by businesses from all sectors.

Posters and billboards have been around for decades giving businesses the opportunity to promote their advertising message to a relevant audience.

Why use a poster advertising company and billboards to promote your business?
  • Firstly, It increases brand awareness within the local area.
  • Posters are seen many times throughout the day by the same person giving them a greater memory recall.
  • More importantly, Our poster advertising company can display your message 24/7.
  • Posters signpost customers to your place of business driving footfall and sales.
  • Its the most cost effective form of advertising out there and produces a great ROI for your business.
  • 70% of our waking lives is spent outside so will be more likely to see a poster advert.
  • Finally, 93% of people see some form of outdoor advertising every week.

poster advertising company

Why use your marketing budget with a poster advertising company?

Its unavoidable

Firstly, Poster advertising is unavoidable, due to the sheer size and impact can not be missed.

It reaches a large, relevant audience

Secondly, Large posters and billboards are located on main arterial roads. In addition, They are also seen in busy high streets and highly populated areas. This makes it easy for a business to reach its target audience.

Posters are businesses of all size businesses and budgets

Amplify Outdoor makes posters and billboards affordable to businesses and budgets of all sizes. Its longer just available to national brands and companies.


Outdoor advertising within the United Kingdom has a larger reach than any other media format.

poster advertising

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