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Tips to achieving an ROI with outdoor media

Whether you are running outdoor media advertising on a long term or short term basis, the exposure of outdoor advertising will deliver your message to millions of potential customers.

Unlike running a digital marketing campaign, where you can reach your audience with a Google search. Planning an outdoor advertising campaign is slightly harder when reaching your target market.

So how do you achieve an ROI from your outdoor media campaign?

Identify your target market.

Your outdoor media campaign will be rendered useless if you don’t first Identify your ideal target audience. You need to have an understanding of who you want to engage with.

For example, Are you hoping to:-

  • Reach men, women or both.
  • Target a particular age group.
  • Engage with an ABC1 demographic with a high income bracket.

Look through the data of existing customers and get an idea of who is already buying your product, service or brand. The more you know about your potential customers, the more success that will be gained from an outdoor media campaign.

Choose the best locations that engages with your target audience.

Cherry pick your outdoor media locations where there is a high pedestrian or vehicular traffic count. Use the research from your existing customer data to choose your locations that have the highest number of your target audience pass by.

Get the best out of your outdoor advertising creative

With your outdoor media creative ‘less is more’. Billboard advertising works best with white space, along with a message that doesn’t overload those passing by.

As you only have a small window to capture the attention of a passer by, Don’t be afraid to keep it simple. Furthermore, Using high quality images/graphics to convey your message and use 10 words or less.

Incorporate a call to action in your outdoor advertising.

Finding out how successful your outdoor advertising campaign is can be difficult. How do you know if you are getting an ROI?

Include a strong call-to-action within your outdoor media. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use a promotional code that is only displayed on your outdoor advertising. They would have to enter the code before purchasing online/in store.
  • Create a dedicated landing page with a short URL. You can then track the amount of online visitors through your Google Analytics.
  • Use a hashtag to encourage discussion on social media.

Using this tracked information, you will be in a position to understand the effectiveness of your outdoor media campaign.

Finally, Want to know more about running an outdoor advertising campaign?. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss the benefits of outdoor media.

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