outdoor billboard advertising

An overview of outdoor billboard advertising

Outdoor billboard advertising is a cost effective way for small businesses to interact with a mass audience and is highly effective.  As you travel around your local area, you will notice so many outdoor advertising opportunities there are to promote your business. These opportunities include phone boxes, bus shelters, on the side of a bus, train stations platforms and billboards at the roadside.

Engage with a local audience

For any business within the local area, outdoor billboard advertising lets you get your message out to local people and engage with them as they commute. Billboard advertising spreads the word about your business and signposts potential customers to your showroom.


Is outdoor billboard advertising cost effective?

Many small companies think that outdoor advertising is out of their reach and un-affordable. In fact, many people don’t realise how cost-effective and within reach it actually is. No longer is it just available to big brands and now businesses of all sizes can benefit from this high impact format.

For example – 48 sheet billboard advertising costs around £350 per 2 week period. The poster production cost would be around £80+vat.

How can i achieve an ROI?

There are guidelines to follow when designing outdoor billboard advertising adverts. 10 words maximum is a good amount. It’s also good to use a striking and prominent image, as people are drawn to visual creatives.

Do you want to raise general brand awareness within your local area?. Then you need to look at booking multiple billboard advertising locations. You can also use a few prime positioned adverts near busy arterial roads to gain immediate action.

We would love to discuss an outdoor billboard advertising campaign with you. With our experience we can achieve great results based on your wants and needs. Please feel free to get in touch.

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