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A guide to outdoor advertising space

Outdoor advertising space is one of the most successful ways for businesses to brand build and market their products. Effective OOH advertising is a great way to impact a target audience consistently with a large canvas.

However, with the overwhelming amount of outdoor advertising around us, it’s hard to catch the attention of a desired audience. That’s why we have put together a guide to using and buying outdoor advertising. This guide looks at the various types and tips for effective out of home.

Types of outdoor advertising space

Everywhere we look, we are greeted with many different forms of outdoor advertising space. A few include:

  • Billboard advertising.
  • Point of sale. Found close to check outs to encourage impulse purchases.
  • Street furniture. Bus stops, Telephone booths, Lamp posts.
  • Mobile billboards.
  • Finally, Transit Advertising. Buses, Taxis, Train stations.

Outdoor advertising reaches 98% of the UK population every week. Therefore, It’s a perfect marketing tool for building brands and delivering high impact messages.

As you only have a short window of opportunity, it is important to keep your message short and sweet when using outdoor advertising.

What are the costs like I wanted to buy outdoor advertising space for my business?

Outdoor advertising is now more accessible and affordable. SME’s can now benefit from putting their brand on a large advertising canvas in front of a large population of people.

The size and type of the outdoor advertising space would be a major factor in the cost. As an example 48 sheet billboard advertising costs are around £350+vat per 2 weeks.

Using the outdoor Advertising space effectively

Here are some tips for booking outdoor advertising space for your business and how you can make it stand out.

OOH advertising locations with high traffic counts.

It is important that you look at booking outdoor advertising space with high footfall. This will allow you engage with as many people as possible. Furthermore, Billboard locations with high footfall will determine whether your campaign is a success or not.

Look at the Competition.

Always analyse what your competition is doing. This way you can find out what is working for them and what isn’t.

Incorporate social media within your OOH advertising campaign.

A good OOH advert increases the chances of  being shared on social media. Outdoor advertising that leaves the WOW factor in the consumers mind will more than likely be shared on social media channels. This in turn will increase your awareness and reach.

Incorporating a hashtag within your outdoor advertising space is a great way to start a conversation on social media. Make sure you choose a memorable hashtag to encourage consumers to engage online.

Keep it Simple.

Effective outdoor advertising delivers information quickly. Design your advert that can be absorbed by the passer by within seconds. Keep text to 10 words or less. A striking image will grab the consumers’ attention more than anything. Focus on making the image a focal point that tells a story. People are highly receptive to images, concentrate on relaying your message this way.


Finally, Outdoor advertising can be a great way to market your products and services. However, if you do not use it right, you will be wasting your marketing budget. Please get in touch with us and we can talk you through the process.

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